Hydrogen Water Reviews

VWA® water machine reviews

There are many positive hydrogen water reviews from drinking h2 water. In addition, those hydrogen water reviews can be found through various media platforms. This is just one hydrogen water testimonial that is published by newspaper.

“I give VWA® water machine 5-star rating!”

Madam Ooi suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, high liver index, arthritis and had a stroke attack 10 years ago.

“Due to so many health problems, I was put on with various medication every day. Initially, I was thinking to buy the hydrogen water machine from Japan but after knowing they need to use chemical for cleaning and bleach-containing booster, I was hesitated. I read about VWA® Cellular Functional Water in the newspaper. After learning about its technology and functions, I bought the 9-platinum model with a much reasonable price. After drinking VWA® water for a period of time, all the triple “high” (hypertension, high blood lipids, high blood sugar) problems were resolved. My liver index and arthritis are dramatically improved. I can even walk up and down the mountain for 5KM. Now the amount of medicine has been halved and I feel more energetic. The best part was that the screening showed that my renal function is normal, despite taking so much medication for so many years…

Another good testimony is from my family member who had lupus/ SLE. Once her condition deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital for 8 days and almost lost her life. She can’t bask in the sun at all, and can’t eat any health products. When lupus attack, her skin festered the blood vessels become inflamed, and very strong medication was prescribed. After drinking VWA® water, her lupus has been greatly improved and the medication has been reduced.

During this pandemic, I have never had any cough or discomfort at all! I never experience any heatiness after taking durian. I am so grateful to VWA® alkaline & hydrogen-rich water for the vast health improvement brought to me and my family.”