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Water can destroy virus! Backed by science!

Water can kill Virus

VWA® Turbo acidic water (pH1.8-pH2.5) can kill SARS-CoV-2, as per the research by NCBI! This turbo acidic water is produced naturally, 100% without the bleach & salt-containing enhancer! It can be used as hand sanitizer, need not worry about dry and sensitive skin due to the high content of alcohol. No need to worry about […]

VWA® vs Kangen, which is better? The choice is crystal clear!

VWA® vs Kangen

VWA® vs Kangen, which one is better? VWA® vs Kangen, which one is more good value? VWA® produces DOUBLE the antioxidant properties (-ORP & hydrogen h2)! VWA® has RTR auto-cleaning, Kangen need e-cleaner to clean every forthnightly. VWA® 100% need NOelectrolysis booster to produce strong acidic water pH1.8 & strong alkaline water pH12! NCBI has […]