Hydrogen Water Improve All Health Disorder

One of the biggest contributing factors of drinking hydrogen water is its antioxidant capability, significantly lower oxidative stress. High levels of oxidative stress, with excessive ROS damages cells and causes all chronic inflammatory diseases.

Hydrogen Water & Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders are diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. Neurological disorders includes :

– stroke

– brain cancer

– traumatic brain injury

– epilepsy

– dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease

– migraine

– multiple sclerosis

– Parkinson’s disease

All these neurological disorders are caused by neuro-inflammation due to high levels of oxidative stress.  The good news is that NCBI has confirmed that molecular hydrogen (h2) is capable to cross the blood-brain-barrier, targets & neutralize the toxic ROS, inhibit inflammation, promote better cell signaling & thus is a very effective neuroprotective agent. Hydrate with hydrogen water can promote better cognitive function & brain health including better energy, better memory, better concentration, better mental clarity & even better mood.

Hydrogen Water & Cancer

How hydrogen water prevents and fights cancer? Clinical studies showed that drinking alkaline ionized water that is rich in dissolved hydrogen can shrink tumors and prevent the spread of cancer cells. Molecular hydrogen inhibits chronic inflammation.  Cancer cells are always present in the human body, however they are typically recognized by the immune system and destroyed before they cause any problems. It is when cancer cells go unrecognized and begin to multiply that they become a burden.

Our sedentary lifestyle with high levels of oxidative stress, causes too much ROS in the body that constantly attacks our cells & leads to chronic inflammation.   The damaged cells eventually mutate and cancer is developed. End-stage chronic inflammation causes cancer or tumor.  

Hydrogen is a promising cancer remedy for both cancer prevention and cancer treatment.  Patients who are undergoing cancer therapy will have their side effects mitigated by lowering their oxidative stress.   

“We at the Oasis of Hope Hospital have a Tyent/ VWA® water ionizer in our dining room for all of our patients so that they can have unlimited filtered, alkaline water.We are happy with the water quality, taste, and the ORP rating that Tyent/ VWA® water provides our cancer patients.” 

– Dr Francisco Contreras, Surgical Oncologist, Oasis of Hope Cancer Center

***Product known as VWA® in Malaysia

Video link shows the anti-cancer effect of drinking Electrolyzed Reduced Water or commonly known as hydrogen water :

VWA® hydrogen water appeared twice in the press headline in Malaysia on the two astonishing  cancer battle stories by two terminal cancer survivors. There are numerous successful cancer testimonies after drinking VWA® hydrogen water with alkaline pH and 57hertz living frequency.