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Hydrogen Water Machine, Filter, Generator

VWA® Hydrogen Water Machine - VWA® Water Filter - VWA® Water Generator

Is There Any Difference Between Hydrogen Water Machine & Hydrogen Water Generator ? Yes or no. A hydrogen water machine is equipped with filters which are capable to purify or filter the tap water. Through the process of ionization or electrolysis, dissolved hydrogen can be generated. Prior to the popularity of hydrogen water, hydrogen water […]

VWA® vs Kangen, which is better? The choice is crystal clear!

VWA® vs Kangen

VWA® vs Kangen, which one is better? VWA® vs Kangen, which one is more good value? VWA® produces DOUBLE the antioxidant properties (-ORP & hydrogen h2)! VWA® has RTR auto-cleaning, Kangen need e-cleaner to clean every forthnightly. VWA® 100% need NOelectrolysis booster to produce strong acidic water pH1.8 & strong alkaline water pH12! NCBI has […]