Any Side Effect Of Drinking Hydrogen Water?


Any Side Effect Of Drinking Hydrogen Water?

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is normal drinking water that is infused with hydrogen gas through a process of ionization or electrolysis.  Drinking hydrogen water is getting really popular, many companies are selling hydrogen water generator, hydrogen water machine, hydrogen water in pack form and even some are selling hydrogen water tablets.  By dissolving the tablet into water, hydrogen gas is released.  Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas that binds to other elements like oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon to form various compounds, including water.

Why the buzz of drinking hydrogen water?

Adding hydrogen gas into the water increases its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Molecular hydrogen (h2) is the smallest antioxidant known to science, it is capable to cross the blood-brain-barrier, target to eliminate the toxic ROS and render them harmless to the human body.  As proven by science, too high levels of oxidative stress creates too many toxic Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), these by-products of cellular metabolism is highly unstable, they will steal electron from other cells and eventually damages our cells and DNA, causing chronic inflammation and thus the onset of all degenerative diseases.  Due to the strong therapeutic antioxidant capability, drinking hydrogen water is scientifically proven. Indeed, apart from drinking hydrogen water, available molecular hydrogen can be inhaled into the biological system too. H2 exerts many biological effects, including anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-apoptosis, and anti-shock, as validated by NCBI.

Now we understand the therapeutic benefits of drinking hydrogen water.  But is there any side effect of drinking hydrogen water? Some companies are telling people to drink only 1 to 2 pouches a day or 500ml a day.  Is drinking too much hydrogen water causing any side effect?

Is drinking hydrogen water causing any side effect?

Is there any side effect of drinking too much of hydrogen water?  How much is too much of hydrogen water? Is it safe to drink hydrogen water?  Is the hydrogen concentration the higher the better? Is there any adverse effects of drinking hydrogen water?  Why some companies asked to drink only 500ML of hydrogen water a day? Why only consume 1 pouch or 2 pouches of hydrogen water a day?

Honestly, when I came across these hydrogen water companies who set the daily limit of drinking hydrogen water, I started to ponder if they know what they are selling…. There is NO side effect of drinking hydrogen water because molecular hydrogen h2 is NOT a foreign substance. Human body produces hydrogen gas every day.   Do you know that we can produce approximately 12 liters of hydrogen per day?    Yes, your body produce hydrogen daily provided we are eating enough fruits, vegetables and digestive fiber.  This is because hydrogen gas is produce naturally by the friendly intestinal flora.  But sadly, often our intestinal flora is off balance due to poor diet and stressful lifestyles.

There is no such thing to limit yourself to drink only 500ml of hydrogen water a day.  Because as long as you are breathing, oxidation is a natural process where ROS as a by-product of metabolism is produced the same time.  Again, due to our poor diet and our poor lifestyles, we are constantly being bombarded by too much of ROS due to high levels of oxidative stress. This is the underlying cause of all the premature aging and the onset of degenerative diseases or chronic diseases.  Too much of ROS causes chronic inflammation, linked to the pathogenesis of almost all chronic diseases such as arthritis, neurological disorder, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.  In this respect, drinking hydrogen water is scientifically proven to alleviate nearly 200 kinds of human diseases.  This is because hydrogen is the tiniest antioxidant that can cross the blood-brain-barrier, effective to scavenge toxic ROS, render it harmless and to be eliminated by the body naturally.  Now you understand as to why the buzz of drinking hydrogen water worldwide.  

Hydrogen water is approved for human consumption and classified as safe (GRAS) by FDA. Hydrogen water is safe for babies, pregnant moms, the elderly and the very sick people.  As confirmed by NCBI, there is no toxicity even if the hydrogen concentration is very high.

It is important to note that hydrogen water here is referred to the natural hydrogen water that is produced by ionization or electrolysis, NOT the chemically made hydrogen water. Coming back to the question as to why some companies are telling you to drink only 1 to 2 pouches of hydrogen water a day, the only answer is that hydrogen water in pouch is too costly and it will hinder their sales if they asked you to hydrate few liters a day.  The next question is, how much of hydrogen water to be consumed by a healthy adult daily?

How much of hydrogen water should I drink per day?

It is apparent that drinking hydrogen water is good for health. However, adequate hydration is important.  This is because water involves in every metabolic process in the body.  Unfortunately, almost three third of the population in the civilized countries are chronically dehydrated.   So, when one has dehydration, it disturb the metabolic process and eventually disturb the detoxification process and leads to ill-health.   We all know water is the mother of life, but often when we are sick, we forgotten our ‘mother’.   It is important to drink enough water everyday to support healthy cellular metabolism.  Certainly, opt for hydrogen water with available dissolved hydrogen on the antioxidant properties.  How much of hydrogen water should I drink daily?

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake for an adult is 3.7L a day for men and 2.7L a day for women. Some individuals need even more water intake, for example, those who exercise and sweat more, those live in hot climates, those who have fever, diarrhea, vomiting, those who have bladder infection, urinary tract infection, bladder stones, kidney stones and for pregnant moms and lactating mothers.  

How hydrogen water is being produced?

Hydrogen water is produce through electrolysis or ionization process.  Electrolysis is not a new invention and the efficiency varies.  Therefore, not all hydrogen water machine or portable hydrogen water generator is created equally.   As drinking hydrogen water has become very popular in the recent years, many brands of hydrogen water machine is available in the market.  Virtually all hydrogen water machine in the market is OEM made, without the certification as medical device and with lower electrolysis efficiency.  The drawback of these hydrogen water machines are as below :

  1. No purification nor filtration
  2. No pH to be produced
  3. Lower dissolved hydrogen concentration
  4. Non-approval as medical device
  5. Cannot alter nor change the structure of the source water

Many people do not aware that a water ionizer produces not just hydrogen water but also alkaline water the same time.  Water ionizer is around for more than 60 years, it was known as ionized alkaline water or electrolyzed reduce water many years ago; with antioxidant properties measured in negative ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential.  The same attribute of antioxidant can be measured in dissolved hydrogen, using a DH meter. So, do not be confused nor complicate by the different names of the companies that are selling hydrogen water.   These hydrogen water machine sellers are using name tactics so that their hydrogen water machine or hydrogen water generator are more superior than others. For example, quantum, hertz, terra hertz, low frequency, resonance energy, pi-energy, hexagonal water, nano hertz & many others.   

Only water ionizers that are made in Japan and Korea are approved by the respective health ministry as medical device.  Not fancy name of OEM made hydrogen water machine nor hydrogen water generator that is produced out of these countries.

How to choose a good water ionizer

After eliminating the OEM made hydrogen water machine or portable hydrogen water generator.  You know now to use the medical device approved water ionizer that is made in Japan or made in Korea.  The beneficial properties from a good water ionizer is from the antioxidant properties; measured at negative ORP (mV) or using a DH meter to measure the dissolved hydrogen concentration.  1ppm is equal to 1000ppb or 1,000,000ppt.   Of course, the bigger the number, the richer the hydrogen concentration, the better the antioxidant potency.

Due to cost factor, virtually all of the water ionizers in the market is still using the  1st generation of ionization process, using titanium platinum plates with transformer power supply.   The ionization properties is lower and the pH range is limited.   A Japanese made water ionizer need to add ‘booster” to boost the pH and the antioxidant.  

Why choose VWA® water ionizer?  As validated by 3 independent research companies in USA consecutively 10 years and beyond, they rate VWA® (known as Tyent in USA) as the best water ionizer in the world.  Using the most expensive advanced hybrid plate technology, with the largest electrical conductivity surface area in the industry; coupled with the most efficient SMPS Plus® power supply, VWA® water ionizer have these distinctive features:

  1. Strongest natural antioxidant, -ORP988mV & >DH1600ppB
  2. By drinking merely 1.5L VWA® water or known as Tyent water in USA,  provide the same antioxidant potency of taking 1496 apples or 2194 bananas.
  3. Widest range of pH– pH1.7 to pH12 (100% no chemical added)
  4. Turbo alkaline water pH12 can be used to remove herbicides & pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
  5. Turbo acidic water pH1.7-pH2.5, to be used as a powerful sanitizer, astringent, antiseptic solution for skin health.
  6. Korea FDA approved as medical device(KFDA Reg. No. 2131)
  7. 57 hertz living water for instant cellular absorption
  8. The water ionizer is equipped with 2 proprietary made TM-Pi filters in which they exhibit special resonance energy to energize and restore dead water into 57 hertz living water.  More superior than the living water found in the longevity villages at 70-80 hertz.
  9. 10-Year platinum warranty
  10. The heart of a water ionizer is the platinum plates.  VWA® Company provides a 10-year warranty on the hybrid platinum plates.
  11. The most media testimonies published
  12. VWA® is the leading brand of hydrogen water in Malaysia.  Ove the past 14 years, many testimonies were being published by the conventional media.  It appeared twice in the headline press as the cancer savior.  Apart from cancer, many other testimonies such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, eczema, migraine, stroke, arthritis, gastritis, liver diseases, kidney diseases were all reported by the media before. VWA® has had helped countless of families in Malaysia in staying healthy naturally!

In summary, VWA® water offers beyond just hydrogen water, apart from offering the richest hydrogen water from the tap, it has 8 types of pH for different application, it transform dead and sick water into 57 hertz living water and hence, the name of VWA® Cellular Functional Water, the living water for healthy cells!