What is hydrogen water ?

Hydrogen water is everywhere.  Is hydrogen water same as alkaline water? No. Hydrogen water is not alkaline water.  Likewise, alkaline water is not hydrogen water.  Hydrogen water is water that is infused with molecular hydrogen H2. Hydrogen water is made by bubbling pure hydrogen gas into water through ionization or electrolysis process, which “decomposes the water molecule to hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.  There is a lot of buzz about drinking hydrogen water in the market as hydrogen water offers remarkable antioxidant properties and hence offering amazing health and beauty benefits.   Molecular hydrogen is the smallest antioxidant known to science, molecular hydrogen is 88 times smaller than vitamin C, capable to cross the blood brain barrier, target to remove the toxic ROS and render it harmless and then to be eliminated by the body naturally.  Thereby, exhibit a very strong redox potential, to inhibit chronic inflammation and thus, prevent and reverse all degenerative diseases that are caused by chronic inflammation.  

Hydrogen water exhibits strong redox potential, the antioxidant is the key attribute from a hydrogen water machine, a hydrogen water tumbler or a hydrogen water generator. 

What is alkaline water ?

Before the popularity of hydrogen water.  Alkaline water was very famous too.  Alkaline water and alkaline diet helps to fight acidity in the body.  Acidosis is the underlying cause of all chronic diseases and premature aging.   As confirmed by Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr Otto Warburg, no disease; including cancer can exist in alkaline environment.  The author of “Alkalize or Die”, Dr. Baroody’s comprehensive research and clinical findings indicate that illness and disease are directly linked to over acidity in the system.

Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. That’s why you call it H2O.  Water’s pH level ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is considered neutral.   If water is below 7 on the pH scale, it is acidic. If its higher than pH7, then its alkaline water.  Alkaline water is not hydrogen water.   By adding some alkaline minerals into the water, the water can be alkaline in pH (above pH7) but contains no available dissolved hydrogen, it offers NO antioxidant capability to scavenge the toxic ROS.  Ionized alkaline water that is produced by electrolysis is different from artificial alkaline water with pH increase by using chemicals. Ionized alkaline water is not just alkaline but it offers the ionization properties, the dissolved hydrogen, the antioxidant!

In a nutshell, hydrogen water is not alkaline water, alkaline water is not hydrogen water. But “ionized” alkaline water is both the hydrogen water and alkaline water.  It is produce by a water ionizer. Then, what is the pH of hydrogen water?  You may be surprise, many of the hydrogen water we tested in the market is acidic! 

Why hydrogen water can be acidic in pH?

There are many brands of hydrogen water machine or portable hydrogen water generator in the market to produce hydrogen water.  However, it is important to note that the hydrogen water may not necessary alkaline in pH. Indeed, virtually most of the times, the hydrogen water is slightly acidic which is at pH6.  Why is that so? 

Many hydrogen water machine and portable hydrogen water generator are working as ‘generator’ itself; they merely generate hydrogen gas at low electrolysis efficiency. The users would have to pour in their filtered water or purified water to the hydrogen water machine or portable hydrogen water bottle to generate hydrogen gas.   Most of the times, the pH of the purified water or filtered water is tested slightly acidic. This is because people do not have the habit to replace their filter cartridges regularly.  Any filtration media including the best grade of filtration media has a lifespan. Over time, the purification and filtration efficiency will drop and thus affecting the quality of the drinking water.  One of the common and important water filtration media is activated carbon or known as GAC. (Granular Activated Carbon).  Activated carbon is an excellent filter and reduces a vast number of impurities from the tap water.  The GAC filter cartridge acts like a sponge that collects all potential contaminants in your drinking water. In general, carbon filters remove at least 81 chemicals and are effective at reducing another 52. According to the EPA, activated carbon is the only filtering material that removes all 12 identified herbicides and 14 pesticides, along with all 32 identified organic contaminants. 

There are many grades of GAC and the highest grade is the 1200 ppm.  This premium quality of filtration media are awarded by NSF, ISO and WQA. When the water filter system is brand new, the purification efficiency is high.  However, after a few months, the purification efficiency drops drastically. If you don’t replace the filter cartridges when needed, the system can potentially stop functioning correctly. In addition, the wet filter cartridges can be a breeding ground and a habitat for microorganism to thrive.  This is when the quality of your filtered water or purified water is worse than the pH water of the tap water.     

A handful of hydrogen water machine uses filter cartridges to act as purification.  The same problem arises after a few months, these filters gets contaminated and the filtration efficiency drops. Some people says reverse osmosis is better than ordinary water filter. In the contrary, some would prefer multi-stage filtration than RO so that the system will not remove all the minerals in the tap water.   When people pour their RO water into the hydrogen water generating machine, the pH remains at 6 before and after generation. Likewise, when people use their multi-stage filtered water into the hydrogen water generator, the pH ranges from neutral to acidic, depending on the life cycle of the filter cartridge.  In the nutshell, hydrogen water generator and hydrogen water machine does not change the pH of the source water! In the drinking water standard, bottled water with green cap and blue cap is from underground with slight alkaline pH. Bottled water with white cap is process through reverse osmosis and it is acidic in pH. If you use RO water to generate hydrogen, the dissolved hydrogen water is marginally lower compared to mineral water.

Is boiling water safe?

After recognizing that the purified water or filtered water without timely replacement of filter cartridges may not be safe for drinking. Many people will choose to boil the water before drinking.  Boiling water may seems safer as it kills the microorganism and organic contaminants.  However, there are many other contaminants that cannot be removed from boiling such as lead, arsenic, nitrates and also chlorinated tap water produces harmful chloroform which is carcinogenic. Trihalomethanes (THMs) can occur when boiling chlorinated tap water.  Trihalomethanes is produced as a reaction between the chlorine used for disinfecting tap water and natural organic matter in the water. At elevated levels, THMs have been associated with negative health effects such as cancer and adverse reproductive outcomes.

Why are there so many names of hydrogen water and alkaline water?

Many people are pushed to buy the either hydrogen water machine, hydrogen water generator or alkaline water machine by MLM salespeople. Some are selling extremely expensive hydrogen water in the packet form.  These direct selling sales people are good in labelling hydrogen water in different names such as miracle water, healing water, quantum water, restructured water, energy water, hexagon water, pi water, hertz water, resonance water, alkaline ionized water, electrolyzed reduced water, scalar energy water,  hertz functional water, low frequency water and etc.  In Japan, hydrogen water is known as izumi.. This is simply sales tactics to label their hydrogen water machine or alkaline water machine to look different and to command higher pricing. Whatever the fancy name of these water filter, they are neither hydrogen water nor alkaline water, not to mention that these water filters are without medical device approval. 

Why not drink hydrogen water & natural alkaline water the same time?

Forget about all these fancy names.  Why not drink hydrogen water and alkaline water that produce by a water ionizer that has obtained medical device approval?  You know that the very purpose to drink hydrogen water is to reap the antioxidant properties to scavenge ROS, to reduce oxidative stress, to inhibit chronic inflammation, anti-aging, to prevent and reverse all kinds of degenerative diseases. There are more than 1000 clinical papers on the health contribution from drinking hydrogen water.

Besides, drinking alkaline water is to help the body to restore the pH as our lifestyle is more prone to develop acidosis. Taking alkaline-forming food including drinking natural alkaline water helps to remove the acidic wastes in the body, help the body to maintain the delicate homeostasis balance.  It is important to note to drink natural alkaline water that is processed by ionization or electrolysis.  Not artificially or chemically made alkaline water! 

Choosing a water ionizer with medical device approval, you can reap the benefits of both hydrogen water and alkaline water the same time. The water ionizer is nothing new, it has been around for more than 60 years.  Ionized alkaline water is known as ERW Electrolyzed Reduce Water with many clinical studies for many years. 

The history of alkaline ionized water machine/ water ionizer

Alkaline ionized water can be named as ERW Electrolyzed Reduced Water, processed by electrolysis/ ionization called water ionizer.

1834 – English scientist Michael Faraday discovered the law of electrolysis

1850 – Russian scientists used Faraday’s laws to conduct studies on negative ions for human health. By using an anode and cathode in the water, positive ions and negative ions are produced concurrently for acidic water and alkaline water output.

1900s – Russian invented the first water ionizer

1931 – Japanese scientists researched the effects of alkaline ionized water on human health and the application of both alkaline water and acidic water.

1950s – The first water ionizer was developed in Japan

1954 – Research on the effects of ionized water on agricultural and animals.

1958 – First commercial water ionizer were used in Japanese hospitals

1960 –  A special medical & agricultural research institute on the therapeutic benefits of alkaline water.

1965 – The Japanese Ministry of Health approved the alkaline water machine as medical device for health improvement

1970s: Korean FDA approved water ionizer as medical device

1985: Korean water ionizer made their way to the United States for the first time.

Since the approval as medical device backed in 1960s, water ionizer is existed in the market for more than 60 years.  However, not all water ionizer is created equally.   As at today, virtually 90% water ionizer in the market is still using the old ionization technology and hence, their antioxidant properties and pH levels are relatively poorer.  Many water ionizers in the market is without the medical device approval.   

The best water ionizer in the world adopts the most advanced hybrid platinum plate technology, coupled with the advanced SMPS power supply, the water ionizer can produce the largest electrical conductivity areas/ surface area and hence capable to produce the highest antioxidant properties (DH) and widest ranges of pH water for different application. 

Due to cost factor, as at today, only Tyent Korea adopts this most state-of-the-art technology to produce the richest dissolved hydrogen in the world’ and can produce 8 types of natural pH ranges from pH1.7 to pH12, 100% chemical-free!  Turbo alkaline water pH12 can be used to remove herbicides and pesticides whilst turbo acidic water as an effective astringent and sanitizing lotion.  As to compare with the famous Japanese made water ionizer, Tyent/ VWA water ionizer produces twice better at a more affordable pricing. More importantly, Tyent/ VWA water ionizer does NOT required chemical booster to boost the pH and DH performances. 

Based on 1000 vigorous hours’ research on 22 stringent parameters by 3 independent research companies in USA. They unanimously crowned Tyent or known as VWA in Malaysia as World’s Number 1 water ionizer for many years consecutively and still counting now.

The research websites in USA are :

Antioxidant in water ionizer – ORP & h2

There are more benefits to ‘alkaline water’ than simply the alkalinity or pH. The most important feature of ionized alkaline water produced by a water ionizer is its oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Water with a high negative ORP is of particular value in its ability to neutralize toxic ROS.

In the earlier years, the beneficial properties from the ionized alkaline water is called Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP), the redox potential of the drinking water. An ORP meter is used to measure the negative ions in the ionized alkaline water,  +ORP means the water is positively-charged with positive ions, it’s the oxidizing agent. In layman words, it increases (+) oxidation.  If the water is negative ORP, the water offers antioxidant properties, minus or reduce oxidation.   The higher the negative ORP, the better antioxidant potency.  For example, ORP -988mV is better than ORP-450mV. 

Only until the last few years, hydrogen water is getting popular.  It is just a different measurement than ORP, the dissolved hydrogen concentration is measured using a DH meter.  Whether the negative ORP values or the DH values, using the most advanced hybrid ionization technology, Tyent/VWA offers the best antioxidants and pH in the world.

Pointers to check before buying a water ionizer

When you choose a good water ionizer, not only it offers you the benefits of both hydrogen water and alkaline water.  It can be used for more than a decade.  Choose diligently and check on these pointers:

  1. Is the water ionizer approved as medical device?

As at today, only Korean and Japanese made water ionizer has medical device approvals.  Water ionizer made in China has no medical device approval.

  1. Is the water ionizer adopts hybrid ionization technology?
  2. What is the dissolved hydrogen level? Negative ORP value?
  3. What is the pH range made by this water ionizer?

Ensure no booster nor additive to be added

  1. Can this water ionizer treats dead water?

As defined by W.H.O.; living water in the longevity villages are measured around 70hZ to 80hZ, as validated by NMR analysis.  With 2 proprietary TM-Pi filters equipped in Tyent/ VWA water ionizer, these unique filters have special resonance energy to restore dead water into 57hertz living water for instant cellular hydration.  57 hertz is the most bioidentical living water for healthy cells!

  1. Is there any media testimonies published?
  2. How long is the warranty on the platinum plates?

The core engine of a water ionizer is its platinum plates.  A good company provides 10-year warranty on the platinum plates.

  1. How many filters are there in the water ionizer?

Water ionizer normally equipped with only one filter.  Double filtration is definitely better than a single filtration.