Difference Between A Portable Hydrogen Water Generator And A Hydrogen Water Ionizer

Best portable hydrogen water generator in Malaysia

Portable means portability & easy to bring around, designed to cater for people who is constantly on the move or for travelling purposes. A portable hydrogen water generator is to convert ordinary drinking water into hydrogen-rich water for people on the move.  It has no purification and filtration function. Hence, it will not change the pH of the drinking water.

A hydrogen water ionizer usually is equipped with filters, it can purify the tap water and then ionize the water to produce both molecular hydrogen and pH. It is designed to cater for family consumption. Some hydrogen water machine has no filtration and cannot also changes pH of the source water.

When it comes to portability, size does matter. Not only it is more handy and convenient to carry around. The performance is the key deliverable. VWA® H2Cap is the smallest, strongest and smartest portable hydrogen water generator in the industry. It is the one and only that is equipped with 9 layers’ platinum titanium plate, coupled with the patented cross-mesh plates. It can produce very stable, long-lasting and toxic-free healthy hydrogen-infused water above 1,000,000ppt anytime & anywhere. 100% without any traces of ozone and chlorine. It is FDA approved as a medical device (FDA Regulation Number 880.6710). Powered by USB type C, exceptionally durable.

As for hydrogen water hydrogen or hydrogen water machine. Certainly opt for one with filtration and produces pH and hydrogen the same time. It is best to buy a recognized brand with proven track record, particularly the machine required after sales services. Water ionizer is not a new invention, it has been in the market for more than half a century. However, due to cost constraint, virtually 90% of the hydrogen water ionizer in the market still adopts the 1st generation ionization technology with less ionization efficiency. The dissolved hydrogen and pH are relatively lower.

The best alkaline water machine and the best hydrogen water brand in Malaysia is VWA®. Using the most advanced hybrid ionization technology, the machine can produce richest count of dissolved hydrogen and widest ranges of pH, 100% without chemical or additives!; The brand is widely published with countless of media testimonies. VWA® is named as Cellular Functional Water®, the hydrogen water machine provides not just hydrogen & pH, this is the one & only perfect water filter with resonance energy to energize and restore dead water into 57hz living water for instant cellular hydration. Besides, the Company provides a 10-year warranty on the platinum plates.