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How To Choose A Good Water Filter

How To Choose A Good Water Filter

Is Purified Water Or Filtered Water Good For Health ? There are so many brands of water filters or water purifiers available in the market. R.O. water, mineral water, alkaline water, hydrogen water, hexagonal water, living water, antioxidant water, energy water, restructured water, and many names. So many brands out there confusing the consumers. Some […]

What Is The Water Filter/Water Dispenser Price In Malaysia ?

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A water filter or water dispenser price in Malaysia can range from few hundred ringgit to few thousand ringgit. The quality ones relatively are at higher prices. This is because there are many grades of filtration media and many types of water filter systems in Malaysia. The choice of drinking water has profound implication on […]

How To Choose The Best Water Filter In Malaysia?

the best water filter in malaysia

Every household will require a water filter to purify and filter contaminants from the tap water. A water filter is a necessity in Malaysia. However, drinking just filtered water may not be able to support good health. This is because ordinary water filter does only the basic purification and filtration job without any antioxidant properties. […]