The Best Water Machine

The Best Water Machine

Which is the best water machine? Which brand of water purifier/ water filter is the best?

Is clean filtered water dead water?

Every family needs a water filter/water purifier to purify and filter the tap water, which can provide clean and safe drinking water for the whole family to drink. Generally, the common filtration or purification methods include reverse osmosis, multiple-stage filtration, ultraviolet sterilization and so on. However, clean drinking water can only sustains life and does not improve health. This is because the clean filtered water has degraded, becomes sick and dead water, which cannot support cellular metabolism.

As defined by W.H.O., good water must be hexagonal structured and must be below 100 Hz as measured by NMR analysis. The half-width of good health water in longevity villages around the world is between 70-80 Hz. The most bio-identical to cellular health is 57hZ frequency. VWA® Alkaline Hydrogen Water Machine is equipped with two big unique filters made of Total-Microorganism Pi ceramics. They have special quantum resonance energy that can restore dead water to 57 Hz living water for instant hydration. This active quantum frequency is used to support the master gland, the pituitary gland (and other glands). This is the reason for keeping all the glands and all the organs healthy, allowing your body to produce natural hormones and perform their normal functions. This is why the blood sugar can be regulated within 30 minutes after drinking a few glasses of VWA® Alkaline and Hydrogen Water!

Hydrogen-rich water, alkaline water, quantum water, π water, hexagonal water, life water, energy water. All these features are found in just one water machine – VWA® Cellular Functional Water®!

Thanks to the most advanced ionization mixing technology, the largest conductive area (ECA) and the patented SMPS® Plus power supply, this alkaline water machine can purify tap water and convert it into the most abundant dissolved hydrogen water >1700ppB and the widest pH range (pH1.8-pH12). In addition, the whole water machine is approved by the Korean FDA as a medical device (registration number: 2131) & rated as the best alkaline hydrogen water machine in the world!