Water Has Memory

Water has memory

Water is not just alive, it has memory !!!

Due to this unique characteristic, all drinking water is sick & degenerative, regardless the purity of the water.  That is why 3/4 of people are chronically dehydrated as their drinking water is out of size, out of shape; cannot support normal cellular metabolism.  Cellular dehydration & high levels of oxidative stress causes chronic inflammation & all kinds of degenerative diseases!

WHO declared that good water must be below NMR100Hz. The living water in the longevity villages is 70-80Hz.  But VWA® water has the most identical living water to the cells at 57Hz!

VWA® Cellular Functional Water® System provides the strongest antioxidant properties, highest dissolved hydrogen >1700ppb and -ORP 988mV ++.  It is the ONE & ONLY perfect system to energize & restore dead & degenerative water into 57hz high bio-energy living water, to be absorbed by cells in 30 seconds !!!  It’s approved as a medical device by Korea FDA (KFDA 2131) and crowned as World’s No.1 water ionizer for 14 years consecutively and still counting 🙂