What Is Hydrogen Water?

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Isn’t water H20?  What is hydrogen water?  Why is the buzz of hydrogen water everywhere now?  In Japanese, hydrogen water means “Izumi”.   Hydrogen water is available in many forms.  Hydrogen water in pouch form, portable hydrogen water generator in cap design, in different bottle shapes and hydrogen water machines. 

Hydrogen water simply means that the water is infused with available or free molecular hydrogen that acts as a very powerful antioxidant, to scavenge toxic Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).  ROS, the by-product of oxidation that damages our cells and causes all health disorders.    Molecular hydrogen is the smallest antioxidant known to science, it is 88 times smaller than vitamin C,  capable to cross the blood-brain-barrier, neutralize the free radicals and to be eliminated by the body naturally. Thereby, hydrogen water is clinically proven to exhibit remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, offering a host of many health benefits.  

Is Hydrogen Water Machine & Portable Hydrogen Water Generator The Same Thing?

No. Hydrogen water machine means it acts as a water filter or water purification system that purifies tap water, then through ionization process to transform tap water into hydrogen-rich water for household use.  Portable hydrogen water generators transform drinking water into hydrogen water; without any purification or filtration.  It does not alter the quality of the source water.  The use of portable hydrogen water generators is meant for frequent travelers. 

Is Hydrogen Water & Alkaline Water The Same Thing?

No.  Although the ionization process produces hydrogen water, it may not alter the pH of the source water.  Alkaline water can be artificially made; by adding alkaline minerals into the source water to raise the pH.  However, alkaline water above pH7 has NO available free hydrogen to combat free radicals.

However, alkaline ionized water produced from a water ionizer produces both hydrogen water and alkaline water.  As early as half a century ago, alkaline ionized water or electrolyzed water has been backed by science on various health benefits.  The most beneficial properties of drinking alkaline ionized water, not artificial made alkaline water is its antioxidant properties; in which it was measured in negative ORP.  Negatively-charged hydrogen alkaline water!  Only recently, hydrogen water is gaining popularity worldwide. 

Conventional water ionizers must raise the pH in order to get higher dissolved hydrogen. Meaning which, the higher the alkaline pH, the richer the hydrogen concentration.  There are certain groups of people who understand the benefits of drinking hydrogen water since hydrogen naturally thrives in the biological system.  However, they do not want to disturb the body’s own pH balance.  Tyent/ VWA® Hybrid Alkaline & Hydrogen Water is the first invention in the world in providing twin-cell technology.  Users have the option to choose hydrogen water with alkaline pH or hydrogen water with neutral pH.  This is especially good for infants, toddlers, people who take medication & small pets. In other words, consumers are getting 2 types of machine in 1 single machine, combining water ionizer and hydrogen water generator in one.

How Is Hydrogen Measured?

Hydrogen is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that is dissolved in the water.  Hydrogen-infused water or hydrogen-rich water simply means the water that has available molecular hydrogen to be utilized by the biological system.  Hydrogen water is measured by Dissolved Hydrogen Meter.  Ordinary drinking water has no available hydrogen, hence the DH meter will show zero in reading.  The strength of the antioxidant in hydrogen water is measured by ppm, ppb or ppt.  1 ppm = 1000ppB, 1,000,000ppt.

Good quality DH meter has better accuracy and usually it is very costly.  The cheap DH meter in the marketplace has poor accuracy.  Hence, many hydrogen water sellers are using Dissolved Hydrogen Reagent, a chemical blue drop to measure the hydrogen concentration in the water. The same drawback for the chemical reagent as the blue pigments can be ‘manipulated’.   For example, a hydrogen water seller proclaimed that their hydrogen water machine can produce absurdly high hydrogen concentration, but by using a good quality DH meter, it shows otherwise. Often, these over-claimed hydrogen water machines or hydrogen water bottles are OEM made; marketed through direct selling companies scheme; with exaggerated claims but with little nor available hydrogen. Many people were pushed to buy the hydrogen water products but were eventually disappointed as they are not being benefited from drinking hydrogen water.  There is a reason as to why some people have a misperception that hydrogen water is a scam. Actually, these people are not getting the right hydrogen water machine, with the richest available hydrogen.

How Is Hydrogen Being Produced In Water?

In a nutshell, hydrogen water is produced through electrolysis or ionization processes that have existed since 60 years ago. The machine that produces hydrogen has many names. It can be called a Water Ionizer, Electrolyzed Reduced Water or Alkaline Ionized Water. Water ionizer purifies the tap water, removes the impurities, through electrolysis or ionization process, separates the oxygen & hydrogen atoms.    

The most important ionization properties from the water ionizer is its antioxidant.  Back then, Oxidation Reduction Potential in mV was used to measure the antioxidant properties.  Water ionizer produces both alkaline & acidic water.  Alkaline water is with –ORP, whilst acidic water is with +ORP.  

Negative ORP and hydrogen concentration are closely correlated.   Negative ORP -988mV is equivalent to 1600ppB in dissolved hydrogen. By far, the best water ionizer in the world transforms tap water into this range of redox potential. 

By far, the most efficient and advanced ionization technology is the one that Tyent/ VWA® adopts, with the patented SMPS Plus and the largest Electrical Conductivity Area (surface area).  The system can produce the richest active hydrogen; be it in negative ORP or in DH reading.  Alongside, the system can produce 8 types of natural pH for different applications. pH12 turbo alkaline water is used to remove herbicides and pesticides from vegetables & fruits. pH2.5 turbo acidic water can kill coronavirus, for astringent & antiseptic purposes.

VWA® Cellular Functional Water is beyond just hydrogen water or alkaline ionized water. The system is equipped with 2 large filters to energize dead water, with a very unique resonance energy to restore dead water into 57 hertz living water, to be absorbed by cells within 30-seconds. As per NMR analysis, the living water from the longevity villages around the world provides 70-80 hertz.

Tips To Buy A Good Hydrogen Water Machine

  • Medical device authentication 

Hydrogen water machine manufactured out of Japan & Korea has no medical device authentication

  • Technology of the hydrogen water machine

Electrolysis or ionization existed for more than 60 years.  Get the best ionization technology for the best ionization properties; richest dissolved hydrogen & widest ranges of pH

  • Check the dissolved hydrogen by using a good DH or ORP meter

The same meter to be used if you wish to make comparisons of different brands of hydrogen water machine. This is because some lower quality DH or ORP meters are not accurate.  

If you opt to use Reagent Tester, use the same chemical tester for different brands of hydrogen water.  Simply put, use the same ‘meter’ or same ‘chemical’ for accurate comparison.

  • Can the hydrogen water machine produce pH at the same time?

Water ionizer produces hydrogen and pH at the same time.  Isn’t it better to have alkaline water for drinking and acidic water for skin health?

  • The purification efficiency of the hydrogen water machine

The prerequisite of a hydrogen water machine is its filtration capacity.  Transforming tap water into hydrogen-infused water. 

  • Warranty of the hydrogen water machine

Buying a hydrogen water machine is meant for the health & wellness of the entire family for many years.  It is important to check on the warranty.

  • Reputation of the seller of hydrogen water machine

Self-praise is no praise.  The hydrogen water brand with media testimonies is more credible than any self-proclaimed.

  • Ease of use

Touch screen to collect the functional water.  Touch screen for anti-polarity auto-cleaning. Best with voice guided especially with different languages

  • Beyond hydrogen water machine

A good hydrogen water machine not only produces the richest available hydrogen, it has extra features such as special resonance characteristics to energize and restore dead water into 57 hertz living water for instant cellular hydration.  If it is from a good water ionizer, the system can produce 8 different types of natural pH, without adding any chemicals.

Hydrogen Water Improve All Health Disorder

One of the biggest contributing factors of drinking hydrogen water is its antioxidant capability, significantly lower oxidative stress.  High levels of oxidative stress, with excessive ROS damages cells and causes all chronic inflammatory diseases.

What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about VWA® Hydrogen Water and the various VWA® Water Ionizer Models