What Is Hydrogen Water?

what is hydrogen water

Hydrogen water contains hydrogen molecules (molecular hydrogen h2) that can act as powerful antioxidants. These molecules may help neutralize oxygen free radicals that contribute to disease development, inflammation, and aging.

What Is Molecular Hydrogen (h2)?

Molecular hydrogen is a molecule, which is a group of two or more atoms that are held together by a chemical bond(s). Molecular hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule in our universe because it is composed of only hydrogen atoms. As the first element in the periodic table, hydrogen is the smallest of all the atoms. Molecular hydrogen is composed of only two hydrogen atoms. This exclusive combination of two hydrogen atoms turns molecular hydrogen in to a gas. Check this if you are looking for water damage repair in San Diego. Molecular hydrogen is also commonly called hydrogen gas or represented by the written symbol H2.

Is Alkaline Water Same As Hydrogen Water?

Not exactly, look this olentangymaids.com. Water with pH more than 7 is termed as alkaline water, it may not necessarily infused with molecular hydrogen to act as antioxidant. Hydrogen-rich water can be of neutral or even acidic in pH.

How Is Hydrogen Water Being Produced?

The well known method is the electrolysis of water (the principle of electrolysis of water is to split water, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, back into original hydrogen and oxygen.). The two kinds of water obtained by this process have been called ionized alkaline water (water with increased hydrogen) and ionized acidic water( water with increased oxygen ). The key benefits from a water ionizer using electrolysis is to produce dissolved hydrogen on top of alkaline, neutral and acidic pH. The higher the dissolved hydrogen concentration, the better the antioxidant potency. Water ionizer is in the market for more than half a century, VWA water ionizer is crowned as the best hydrogen water machine as it can purify tap water and transform into the richest hydrogen water in the market. Drinking merely 1.5L a day provides the same antioxidant potency of 2194 bananas or 1496 apples.

How Is Hydrogen Water Being Measured?

Dissolved Hydrogen is measured by concentration. 1ppm = 1000ppb or 1,000,000ppt. The higher concentration of DH Dissolved Hydrogen offers higher antioxidant potency.

Will the unboiled water be too cold for the body?

You can reboil the water for hundred times but if the water is WITHOUT any dissolved hydrogen. This type of drinking water is ‘oxidizer’; increases your oxidative stress and causes inflammatory diseases. So, it is critical to note that if your drinking water “harm” you or “heal” you. One is oxidant and the other one is antioxidant.
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