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Malaysia No.1 Water Ionizer and H2 water maker for optimum health! We have the best Hydrogen water generator, Alkaline Ionizer Water Filters Machine and Consulting Services. Natural pure hydrogen alkaline water ionizer in Malaysia.

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Best Hydrogen Water & Alkaline Water Ionizer In Malaysia!

Get to know more about hydrogen water, alkaline water or alkaline ionized water

The best natural way to introduce hydrogen water, alkaline water or alkaline ionized water is through the process of ionization.  Using the most state-of-the-art ionization technology, VWA® hydrogen water maker or VWA® alkaline water ionizer purify tap water into strongest antioxidant water in Malaysia and in the world.  Hydrogen water is backed with countless of scientific evidence to offer amazing health benefits; including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, dermatitis, arthritis, digestive disorder, anxiety and even cancer.  The efficiency of alkaline water ionizer is measured in oxidation reduction potential.  VWA® offers -ORP988mV and hydrogen water above 1600ppb!  It can produce 8 types of pH from strong alkaline to acidic water, 100% chemical-free!  Besides, it can also energize and restore dead water into 57hz living water for instant cellular hydration.  You can enjoy all benefits of hydrogen water, alkaline water and acidic water in just one water filter for your entire family!

For people who are on the move, you can get the best portable hydrogen water maker to enjoy stable, safe & rich hydrogen water anytime & anywhere with VWA® h2Cap.  It converts ordinary drinking water or bottled water into hydrogen-rich water above 1000ppb, 100% ozone-free!