RO Water Or Alkaline Water?

RO Water vs Alkaline Water

Reverse osmosis (RO) Water Or Alkaline Water? Alkaline Water Or Hydrogen Water?

Reverse osmosis process produces pure water, nothing else is left and without the alkaline minerals, the water pH is acidic. Acidosis is the root cause of all chronic diseases. The human body and intracellular fluid are never “pure”. Indeed, they are electrolytes. That is why your sweat and tears are ‘salty’, your blood smell ‘iron’ as your body fluid is electrolytes. If pure water is used for IV, your cells can burst and can cause death!!! This is because your body itself is osmosis, not reverse osmosis!

Biochemists who have studied these water structures in both nature and in humans tell us that this type of “unnatural” water structure is found in humans and animals where the immune system malfunction. In particular, this type of pentagonal(5-sided) water structure is found in AIDS, HIV and other immune-deficient individuals and all protein systems that are disease-producing.

Alkaline water is means water that is higher than pH7. Alkaline water can be produced artificially by adding chemicals or naturally through the ionization process. It is important to note that just the higher pH itself is not sufficient to maintain good health. The alkaline water must offer molecular hydrogen or active hydrogen, the antioxidant properties with a negative redox potential to combat the free radicals.

Human blood & intracellular fluid has a negative redox potential that ranges from -50mV to 200mV. Breast milk from -50mV to 250mV. Healthy red blood cells are negatively charged and they are consistently in round shape & not clump together. If the red blood cells lose the negative charge, they will attract other cells and stick together. This condition is called “rouleau”, where the blood coagulates.

Healthy blood equals a healthy body. As you know 90% of your blood consists of water. Unfortunately, all treated tap water regardless of the purification method, whether or not it is reverse osmosis, virtually all filtered water is proton saturated and hence our drinking water can strip your cells’ negative charge, causes oxidative stress and contribute to ill-beings.

Therefore, insist not just natural alkaline water with higher pH to prevent acidosis, it is important to have abundant of active hydrogen, to act as the powerful free radical scavenger! Believe that you will know which one is better now, RO Water Or Alkaline Water. Drinking VWA® water which is electron-rich provides you 10,000 times’ antioxidant properties over vitamin C, with the natural alkaline pH produce through ionization and the 57hertz quantum energy which is hexagonally-structured, this health-enhancing living water can effectively reverse aging and promote better health and immunity! VWA® – The best alkaline water machine and best hydrogen water brand ever!