Hydrogen Water Testimonials

Best Hydrogen Water Brand in Malaysia

Why is hydrogen water getting so popular? Why are there so many testimonials from drinking hydrogen-rich water? How to choose the Best Hydrogen Water Brand in the market?

You might hear and read a lot of testimonials from drinking hydrogen water. Why are there so many hydrogen water machines and hydrogen water generators in the market? Many chronic diseases including diabetes, high cholesterol, high uric acid, arthritis, hypertension, hepatitis, nephritis, digestive disorder, skin diseases, migraine, neurological disorder, tumor and even cancer testimonials are reported. This is because molecular hydrogen is the smallest antioxidant known to science. It is capable to cross the blood-brain barrier, target and selectively neutralize the body’s reactive oxygen species (ROS) and being eliminated as pure water from the body. There are mounting scientific evidences to support the molecular hydrogen benefits and hence countless of hydrogen water testimonials are reported by the media. It is important to note that there are so many OEM brands of hydrogen water machines or hydrogen water generators in the market, only the VWA® brand is with the most testimonials reported by the media.

How To Choose The Best Hydrogen Water Brand

Check these pointers:

  1. Does the hydrogen water machine certified as medical device?
  2. How much dissolved hydrogen can be generated using an accurate DH Meter?
    • VWA® machine can produce >1,600,000ppt dissolved hydrogen (h2) by using an international recognized DH meter
  3. Can the hydrogen water machine produce 8 types of pH naturally?
  4. The turbo alkaline water (pH12) can be used to remove herbicides and pesticides from vegetables & fruits.
    • Turbo acidic water (pH2.5 & below) can be used as a powerful astringent, antiseptic & sanitizing lotion for skin health
  5. Can the hydrogenated water machine treat the sick & dead water?
    • Using the proprietary TM-Pi twin filters, they have unique resonance energy or quantum energy to treat dead water. VWA® hydrogen water machine can energize and restore sick and dead water into 57hertz living water for instant cellular hydration. It is the healthy frequency for the pituitary gland, the master gland. Hence, many media testimonials are reported.
  6. Any media publicity or media testimonials?
  7. How long is the warranty?