Hydrogen Water Studies On Cancer

Drinking Hydrogen Water Prevent Cancer

Is There Any Side Effect of Drinking Hydogenated Water or any hydrogen water studies on cancer?

One of the well-known hydrogen water studies on cancer by Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner confirmed that every single cancer patient has a body over-acidic…

Korea clinical research proven that alkaline ionized water with active hydrogen exhibits anti-cancer effects. Two rats were injected with skin cancer. Two weeks later, it was found that the tumor weight of the rat that was fed with alkaline ionized water with active hydrogen was halved compared to the tumor of the rat that drank ordinary drinking water.

90% of your blood is water; changing your choice of drinking water has a direct impact on your health. VWA® hydrogen water machine produces not just natural alkaline water, (not chemical-made alkaline); it can convert tap water into the world’s most abundant antioxidant or dissolved hydrogen (>1700ppb)! Drinking 1.5L can provide the same antioxidant as 1500 🍎 or more than 2000 🍌! Clinical studies have proven that Molecular Hydrogen or Active Hydrogen (h2) effectively penetrates the blood-brain barrier and penetrates into the cell membrane to dissolve harmful free radicals, thereby repairing cell genes and improving various inflammation and health problems. Cancer is the final result of chronic inflammation due to high levels of oxidative stress. Drinking hydrogenated water is good for health, the active hydrogen is not a foreign substance as it can produce by healthy friendly flora in the healthy intestines. After neutralizing the toxic ROS, h2 water is removed by the body naturally. Hence, molecular hydrogen is absolutely safe to be consumed by sick or healthy individuals including children & pregnant ladies as well as there’s no need to worry about drinking hydrogenated water will harm our health, on the contrary, it can also help us prevent cancer effectively.