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Yes or no. A hydrogen water machine is equipped with filters which are capable to purify or filter the tap water. Through the process of ionization or electrolysis, dissolved hydrogen can be generated. Prior to the popularity of hydrogen water, hydrogen water machine is named as water ionizer. Water ionizer is not a new invention, it has been in the market for more than half a century, backed then, the antioxidant properties from a water ionizer is termed as negative oxidation reduction potential in mV.(-ORP). It can be named as alkaline ionized water or electrolyzed reduced water. Through the process of ionization, a water ionizer can produce dissolved hydrogen (DH) and different pH the same time. Virtually more than 90% of the water ionizer in the market today are still adopting the old-fashion ionization technology and hence, the pH & antioxidant performances are not up to par. The most state-of-the-art ionization technology today is the hybrid titanium platinum plates; with the largest electrical conductivity area and the patented SMPS plus adopted by VWA® or known as Tyent®, this advanced ionization technology can produce the richest count of natural dissolved hydrogen and widest ranges of pH naturally, 100% without any additives or boosters!

Some hydrogen water machine in the market is not equipped with any filters. They are hydrogen water generator in which customers will have to pour the filtered water into the system and to allow electrolysis to take place to generate the hydrogen. In this respect, the system has no purification nor changing the pH of the source water. For people who are on the move, portable hydrogen water generator is ideal as it can generate any drinking water anytime and anywhere. Like the hydrogen water machine, the technology determine the dissolved hydrogen concentration. When it comes to portable hydrogen water generator, VWA® h2Cap® adopts 9-layer platinum and the patented cross-mesh plates for the best electrolysis efficiency, the cap and convert any drinking water into above 1,000,000ppt stable, long-lasting and toxic free hydrogen water anytime & anywhere!