Hydrogen Rich Water Good for Health

Significant improvement in body aches and chronic lethargy caused by acidosis.

Reduced body ‘heatiness’ and reduced symptoms of headaches and sore throat.

Relieved chronic fatigue and improved skin radiance.

Resolved symptoms of untreatable chronic migraine of over 10 years.  Regulated menstruation.

Due to two miscarriages she tried many remedies within a few years but still failed to conceive.  She felt helpless and miserable.  Her parents- in- law purchased a unit of VWA® Cellular Functional Water® System to improve their arthritis.  To her surprise, after drinking the water for 2 months, she became pregnant.  Her husband had an accident and after drinking water which has not been boiled, his leg became very painful.  This problem did not arise after he started drinking VWA® water, no boiling needed anymore and he is pain free.

Cardiologist DR NANJIT came across different brands of water ionizer before.  After thorough research and understand that VWA® water machine can produce the highest negative ORP value, immediately he installed a unit at his medical centre.  After drinking for 3 months, the chronic dehydration problem improved. Not only does he no longer feel fatigue but he has better vitality and radiant skin appearance. He also strongly recommended this water machine to his siblings who are also medical doctors.  He paid a good compliment to the product quality as well as the after sales services provided by the company.

The health of the family is her 1st priority.  Hence, installing a unit of VWA® System is the best health solution for the entire family. It is best value for money!

Significant improvement seen on the incurable chronic cough of her son.  Entire family enjoys good health with VWA® water.

She started drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water® during her second pregnancy. After the delivery of her daughter, she has abundance of breast milk. Besides, her regular headaches problem also improved and she enjoyed good vitality.  Her husband who has sore throat problem for more than a decade also experienced significant improvement.  Now, he can enjoy his favorite durian without much worries.