Hydrogen Rich Water For Cure Insomnia/Constipation

Resolved constipation, digestive disorder and dry skin.

Overcame chronic hemorrhoid, headache and spasms after suffering for over years.

Improvement seen after prolonged period of chronic fatigue, low energy and constipation and accumulation of excessive toxins in the body.  She no longer suffers from frequent oral ulcers, hand numbness, joint pain, & high cholesterol after switching to VWA® water.

Due to his hectic lifestyle, he had insomnia for six months.  After drinking VWA® water for merely a few days, his sleep quality improved.  Besides, his immunity has been strengthened as he seldom had coughs, colds and other health problems.

Significant improvement observed in severe insomnia and chronic constipation caused by emotional stress due to the death of her son in an accident. She can only defecate twice a month. These conditions affected her badly.  After drinking VWA® water, her severe insomnia and constipation problems were alleviated.  Her dark eye circles and skin condition also improved dramatically.

Improved wife’s gastritis. Improved sleep quality and boosted energy levels.