Hydrogen Rich Water For Cure Chronic Disease

Suffered from diabetes for over 10 years with 7 open wounds.  After drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water for 3 months, blood sugar levels became normal and wounds healed after 3 months.

Hypertension, enlarged prostate and frequent urination symptoms were relieved within 2 months.

Reversed the symptoms of a 10 condition, a mild stroke, eczema and poor vision

Reduced and normalized high cholesterol level, high blood sugar level and high blood pressure.

Diagnosed with kidney disorder and osteoporosis at the age of 60, she decided to pursue knowledge and wisdom for self care. She started drinking and promoting VWA® at age 65 and has been helping countless families in Singapore

A well-known figure in Klang- Dato’ Wong was introduced to VWA® Cellular Functional Water® by a friend.  He suffered from high urea problem and exceptionally high uric acid level before. After drinking VWA® water for 2 months, both his severe urea and uric acid condition was unexpectedly regulated.  Besides, his eldest son and second son who had very abnormal liver index also showed remarkable improvement.

ARecommended by a hair stylist who suffered from colon cancer before.  Without much hesitation, he installed a unit of VWA® Cellular Functional Water® System by himself.  Initially, he boiled the water before drinking.  When the kettle broke down, he began to drink the water without boiling.  He was amazed to discover that the exceptionally high liver index and uric acid problems that troubled him for a long period of time were gone.

Dramatically improved arthritis pain that was caused by uric acid.  Pigmentation on face has also cleared.  Significant savings observed on expensive food supplements.

Shrunk a 6.6cm cyst and avoided surgery. Long term consumption of VWA® water showed improvement in constipation suffered by her son.