Acidosis, The Culprit Of All Diseases

Acidosis is the Culprit of all Diseases

Dr Otto Warburg


Nobel Prize winner

confirmed that

every single cancer patient has body over acidic…

Korea clinical research proven that Alkaline Ionized Water has Anti-Cancer effects. Two rats were injected with skin cancer. Two weeks later, it was found that the tumor weight of the rat that was fed with alkaline ionized water was halved compared to the tumor of the rat that drank ordinary drinking water.

90% of your blood is water; changing your choice of drinking water has direct impact on your health.

VWA® water machine produces not just natural alkaline water, (not chemical made alkaline); it can convert tap water into the world’s most abundant antioxidant or dissolved hydrogen (>1700ppb)! Drinking 1.5L can provide the same antioxidant as 1500 apples or more than 2000 bananas! Hydrogen effectively penetrates the blood-brain barrier and penetrates into the cell membrane to dissolve harmful free radicals, thereby repairing cell genes and improving various inflammation and health problems. Cancer is the final result of chronic inflammation!

VWA® alkaline hydrogen water machine has been identified as a medical machine by the KFDA (KFDA: 2131), and has been crowned as World’s No.1 Water Ionizer for more than 14 consecutive years! It is the only one that can energize dead water into 57hZ living water, which can be absorbed by cells in 30 seconds!

Remember, when a fish gets sick, the first thing is to change the water. The human body is of no exception!