All in One with VWA®️ Cellular Functional Water®️

VWA®️ Cellular Functional Water

Hydrogen Water, Alkaline Water, Quantum Water, Pi Water, Hexagonal Water, Living Water, Energy Water. All in One with VWA®️ Cellular Functional Water®️!

Hydrogen water is everywhere. But NOT all hydrogen water is created equally.. The only way to produce dissolved hydrogen is through electrolysis/ ionization technology. Ionization is not a new invention & has been around for more than half a century. Based on 1,000 hours’ tedious research conducted by 3 independent research companies in USA, VWA® (known as Tyent in USA) water ionizer is crowned as the World’s No.1 machine for 14 years consecutively and still counting.

Thanks to the most advanced ionization hybrid technology with the largest Electrical Conductivity Area (ECA) & patented SMPS®️ Plus Power Supply, the machine can purify tap water & transform into richest dissolved hydrogen water >1,700ppB & widest range of pH for different application. (pH1.8-pH12) Besides, the entire machine is approved by Korea FDA as a medical device (Reg. No.2131).

Why the name of VWA®️ Cellular Functional Water®?

As defined by W.H.O., good drinking water must be hexagonally-structured & must be below 100Hz as measured by NMR Analysis. The living water from long life villages are at 70-80Hz. VWA®️ machine is equipped with large filters that are made by proprietary Total-Microorganism Pi ceramics, they have special resonance energy to restore dead water into 57 hertz living water that is bio-identical to healthy cells for instant hydration! This is the living quantum frequency to hydrate and fulfil the pituitary gland’s (and other glands) needs, and this is what keeps your glands and organs healthy, allowing your body to produce its natural hormones or other functions properly. That is the very reason as to why blood sugar is regulated within 30 minutes after drinking just a few glasses of VWA®️ Cellular Functional Water®️!

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