What Is The Water Filter/Water Dispenser Price In Malaysia ?

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A water filter or water dispenser price in Malaysia can range from few hundred ringgit to few thousand ringgit. The quality ones relatively are at higher prices. This is because there are many grades of filtration media and many types of water filter systems in Malaysia. The choice of drinking water has profound implication on our health. Drinking hydrogen water from a water ionizer is certainly a better choice for overall health. A water ionizer that make not just alkaline water but more importantly can offer rich antioxidant properties to combat premature aging, prevent & reverse chronic diseases. However, not all water ionizer is created equally cbd oil cbd products near me. Look for one that can provide highest antioxidant and stronger pH without any chemical booster or electrolysis enhancer. Crowned as World’s No.1 water ionizer, VWA Cellular Functional Water offers the most state-of-the-art ionization technology and thus can provide the richest source of hydrogen (1600ppb) or strongest –ORP988mV from the tap water. It can make 8 types of pH (pH1.8-pH12), 100% without bleach-containing ‘electrolysis enhancer’ like a Japanese brand roof repair near me. Depending on the number of platinum plates inside the water ionizer, the price ranges from RM6K++ to RM12K++. Comparing with the Japanese brand VWA water ionizer offers twice the efficacy at half the price, without any chemical cleaning and chemical booster. It is the best value for money.