VWA® vs Kangen, which is better? The choice is crystal clear!

VWA® vs Kangen

VWA® vs Kangen, which one is better? VWA® vs Kangen, which one is more good value?

  • VWA® produces DOUBLE the antioxidant properties (-ORP & hydrogen h2)!
  • VWA® has RTR auto-cleaning, Kangen need e-cleaner to clean every forthnightly.
  • VWA® 100% need NOelectrolysis booster to produce strong acidic water pH1.8 & strong alkaline water pH12! NCBI has validated that pH2.5 can kill coronavirus!
  • Kangen uses bleach & salt-containing electrolysis enhancer.
  • VWA® machine is equipped with 2 proprietary TM-Pi Twin Filters that have unique resonance energy❄ to energize & restore dead water to 57HZ❄ living water that is bio-identical to living cells, for 30 seconds’ absorption. Even more superior than the living water from the longevity villages at 70-80hZ!
  • Regardless the design, performance, ionization technology, power supply, filtration & price, VWA® is obviously far more superior than Kangen! VWA® (known as Tyent in USA) is still rated as World’s No.1 water ionizer for 14years consecutively and still counting! These ratings are from 3 independent research companies in USA based on 22 parameters & 1000 hours’ vigorous research.