Do we need to boil VWA® Cellular Functional Water ®? Will the unboiled water causes the body too 'cold' as acclaimed by some Chinese physician?

Not necessary. Because antioxidant properties will decline after boiling. Wouldn’t you boil your fruit juice? But if you use the water for cooking preparation and brewing tea or coffee, the water will enhance the taste of your preparation and enhance nutrients absorption. Regardless of boiling the water or not, if the water is positively charged, it will accelerate oxidation and hence causes inflammatory diseases. Many of the customers have been boiling water previously but they still experience body aches or so called “cold”. In reverse, VWA® Cellular Functional Water® that has the richest source of natural antioxidant is a powerful antioxidant to scavenge free radicals. They never experience body aching ever since switch to VWA® Water, it is a healthier choice and energy saving.

Does VWA® machine require chemical cleaning and electrolysis enhancer?

Absolutely not. VWA® machine is 100% chemical-free. It is equipped with fully automatic Polarity Anti Scale Technology (PAST), the most advanced cleaning system in the industry and regular automatic daily cleaning simply means longer lasting pure platinum plates. Besides, with the most state-of-the-art HYBRID ionization technology with the biggest electrical conductivity area (ECA), the system can produce super strong alkaline and super strong acidic WITHOUT the use of bleach containing electrolysis enhancer.

Why does ionized water taste different compared to normal water?

Ionized water tastes better and smoother simply because the water molecule cluster is much smaller than normal water. That’s why drinking more ionized water does not bloat and fill you up. Besides, ionized water is rich in dissolved oxygen, with abundant minerals and anti-oxidant properties.

Isn’t Water Ionizer an ordinary water purification system?

Ordinary water purification system is just to rid the pollutants in the water. However, our water ionizer is not only a purifier, it has ionization process that can introduce both alkaline and acidic water. Alkaline water is best for drinking whilst acidic water is excellent for beauty care. Our water ionizer is registered as a medical device by KFDA. Our system offers the highest count of natural antioxidant in the industry, we can energize the water and positively change the water structure into hexagon and transform it into the smallest micro cluster size at 57 Hz for instant cellular absorption.

Doesn’t the human body become too alkaline if we drink ionized water?

The reason that ionized water becomes alkaline is due to the minerals that are dissolved in the water. Our body has its own buffer system (phosphate buffer system, or bicarbonate buffer system) inside it, which normalizes the body’s pH state no matter how much alkaline water or acidic water we drink. Rather, bad things happen when the body becomes acidic. If our bodies accumulate too much of these acidic substances, it will lead to all chronic illnesses such as diabetes, kidney diseases & etc. If the body’s pH level goes below 6.8, it is life threatening!!!

How long can ionized water be stored in normal temperature?

The best way to drink alkaline water is to instantly drink it after getting it from the ionizer. However, storing it in a bottle for two or three days before drinking it would not cause any problem. In such cases, the bottle should be cleaned often. You should clean the bottle regularly with acidic water in order to prevent calcium from sticking inside the bottle.

Can I drink boiled ionized water?

The Oxidant Reduction Potential (ORP) may decrease under boiling. Therefore, you are advised not to boil it unless used for cooking or for tea.

What are those particles floating on the ionized water?

The floating particles are generated when the contents of minerals that are dissolved in tap water are relatively high or when undisclosed calcium inside the tap water rises to the top of the water, particularly in cases when there is low water pressure. In such cases, perform manual cleaning and then lower the electrolysis stage for the protection of the electrolysis tub. The consumer does not have to worry about floating particles. Any floating, undisclosed calcium is not absorbed by the stomach, but flows into the large intestine for excretion by the body.

What is the foam generated inside the ionized water?

Hydrogen gas is generated when it is ionized. Data shows that this gas gets rid of the damaging active oxygen. So, people are advised to drink ionized water for wellness.

How much ionized water can we drink in a day?

Some say that the proper volume is 2 to 3 liters while others say that it should be 30 ml per kilogram of body weight. The main function of this water is to help discharge body waste. Thus, the question of how much ionized water should be taken daily varies according to individuals. For example, people who play extreme sports and those who drink alcohol need to drink more water. Ordinary people should administer 2 to 3 litres a day.However, the volume should be increased for people who are chronically ill, smokers, people who often eat instant food, and those exposed to contaminants in cities, these groups of people are encouraged to drink 6 to 8 liters of water or at least 10% of their body weight in order to preserve their health.

When do filters have to be replaced?

Our unit is fully automatic and it is equipped with the state-of-the-art voice guide feature. You will be notified by the ionizer itself. The scale inside the filter icon shows the consumption level of the filter. Flashing of F1 & F2 on the filter icon means that the filters are to be replaced as 1st alarm. When the voice message says “Please replace filters”, please contact our dealer for filter replacement. The recommended filter replacement is at 3,600 liters for the optimum quality of ionized water.

The principle of generating ionized water.

Various contaminating materials including dirt, chlorine, rust and chloride floats are removed as the source water passes through two high efficient filters. Then, it also passes through an electrolytic tank. Within the electrolytic tank provided with direct electric current from the power supplier, positive plates and negative plates are arranged in turn, and a diaphragm is placed between them. The water is electrolyzed and divided into alkaline electrolytic water and acid water with the diaphragm between them. The chemical reaction formula of the alkaline electrolytic water: 2H2O->4H++2(O)+4e The chemical reaction formula of the acid water: 4H2O->4OH-+2H2

Why is there a rough white stain that cannot be cleaned with detergent in my water containers?

It is the formation of the calcium build up that can happen as a result of the carbon dioxide in the air reacting with the ionic calcium in ionized water to form calcium bicarbonate. Ionic calcium is instantly bio-available, readily absorbed by our cells. However, for storage in any dead object that has no absorption capability, the ionic calcium becomes solid calcium bicarbonate. Sometimes it will form the residue on the container inside and sometimes it may even form small flakes that float in the water container the best vacation rental cleaning in Anaheim. They are harmless even though they are not appealing for drinking. Some food supplements in the market use calcium bicarbonate as the key ingredient to alkalize the body.

Using a vinegar to rinse the container weekly should remove the build up quite easily as it reacts with the calcium and breaks it down.

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