VWA® Spa Filter® uses the patented and high purity copper-zinc KDF 55 that meet EPA and FDA standards for powerful removal of chlorine and heavy metals. High quality and FDA approved Calcium Sulfite (CaSo3) is used for its’ 100 times’ more chlorine reduction than activated carbon particularly for hot shower. FIR ceramic balls is used to give spa effect, making the skin more supple and smooth.


• Long filtration capacity: 40,000 liters
• Suitable for hot shower use
• Easy fit to any standard shower fixture
• Protect the body from the health hazards of carcinogenic chlorine
• Leaves the skin looking smooth & supple
• Improve dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions
• Protects hair condition and reduces fading of color treated-hair
• Promote healthier scalp and prevent dandruff
• Protect pet’s skin and hair from the damages of chlorine4t
• Improves lathering