VWA® Recode

“The Only Medical Mask That Regenerates Cells at Dermis Layer !!!”

It will ROCK the beauty industry!!! NONE of the serum in other beauty masks can penetrate into our dermis layer. Never before that medical beauty mask that is so incredibly EFFECTIVE & SAFE!

After 10 years of R & D & patented in 20 countries, VWA® proudly introduces VWA® RECODE Embryonic Stem Cell 3D Alginate Carrier Mask! It’s the only medical beauty mask that can reach DERMIS layer, to promote cells regeneration in 24 hours, lower skin temperature by 6-8 degree celsius & boost skin hydration by 133% ! Its 100% natural, free from any paraben, fragrance, estrogen or preservative. It was originally used as a 2nd skin to treat skin problems such as skin burns, dermatitis, post cosmetic surgery and others. With 23 embryonic stem cells for 15 times cells regeneration power, 14 times antioxidant properties & 13 times cells repair capabilities !

  • Fairer skin in 1 week
  • Moisture last for 2 weeks
  • Wrinkles improve in 1 week
  • Cells regeneration in 24 hours
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