VWA H2Cap (Stainless Steel & Pure Gold)

Portable Hydrogen Alkaline Water Filter Malaysia

Your Best Health & Beauty Companion

Alkaline water is not a new thing. In fact, it has been in existence for decades now. However, alkaline water has experienced a surge in recent popularity simply due to people getting more aware of its health benefits. The American Anti-Cancer Institution (AACI) recommends drinking alkaline water as it contains unique properties that can actually help to combat cancer. The problem comes when you head outdoors where getting hydrogen water is not as simple as it looks. But worry not, enjoy alkaline water anywhere now with VWA’s portable hydrogen alkaline water filter in Malaysia.

Incredibly convenient and powerful! Smallest in size but strongest in performance. VWA® H2Cap Plus is the smallest, lightest, strongest and smartest portable hydrogen alkaline water filter in Malaysia. It is equipped with artificial intelligence and 9-layer of platinum plates for the best electrolysis efficiency. VWA® H2Cap Plus converts any bottled water (including pure water) into stable, rich and safe hydrogen water above 1,000,000ppt. Other than that, a power efficient design also means that it can be powered up by your phone, power bank or even laptop. This convenient nature lets you enjoy healthy hydrogen water anywhere regardless if you are at work in the office or on a remote hiking trip. Simply plug into your phone, and you can now enjoy quality alkaline water in less than 5 minutes.

VWA’s hydrogen water ionizers are labelled as health products by the Korean FDA. Thanks to the patented separation technology, this smart cap produces NO ozone and other toxic by-products; thus the dissolved molecular hydrogen (h2) can be retained exceptionally longer for optimum health and beauty benefits! Don’t leave home without VWA H2Cap Plus! Through our portable high quality VWA water filter in Malaysia, enjoy safe and healthy rehydration regardless of where you go.

Drinking healthy alkaline water is not just a choice, it is a lifestyle. This is why with the VWA® H2Cap Plus, enjoy alkaline water anywhere and anytime. If you wish to know more about VWA’s high quality VWA water filter in Malaysia, send us a message today! Let us show you what a difference that drinking alkaline water can make.

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