Best Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter Machine In Malaysia

Just like driving a new fancy sports car and eventually, you would have to send it to the workshop for some regular check-ups and maintenance work. Inevitably, you would also have to conduct engine oil and spare part changes for your car. The same goes for any equipment or device that you are using. Carrying out proper maintenance and repair works will make sure that they remain operational at peak performance.

At VWA, we supply some of the best alkaline ionizer water filters machine in Malaysia for home use. Our water ionizers have earned a reputation for being able to transform dead and sick water into healthy living water for your consumption. The benefits of drinking alkaline water have always been documented. Only in recent years, people have begun to become more aware of their health benefits. Just like the motor car analogy stated above, water filters also require some maintenance work.

VWA supplies water ionizers that incorporate modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment to transform the way you drink. Other than producing quality alkaline water, our machines also filter out and remove harmful components in the raw untreated tap water. Chemical substances such as chlorine, heavy metals and even bacteria are properly filtered through our extensive filtration system. This makes sure that you get to drink water in its purest form.

Our replacement water filters are available for all of our water ionizer models. Each filter is designed to fit in perfectly into your water ionizers so that you can continue to enjoy healthy alkaline water. Our Triple Function Filter is able to remove dust, rust, particles, sediments, chemicals and any other contaminants in the water through the usage of coconut shell activated carbon.

At VWA, we have the best alkaline ionizer water filters machine in Malaysia for home use. Regardless of what model you have, it is important for you to conduct filter changes once they have completed their lifecycle. Our filters come with a standard 951-gallon cycle which is equivalent to a period of 6 months of regular usage. If you have questions about filter change or any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to assist you.

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