Portable Hydrogen Water Generator

Portable Hydrogen Water Generator Malaysia

Hydrogen water has been known to provide a lot of health benefits for your body. While they have been around for decades now, people are more aware of its health benefits recently due to easy access to information through the media and internet. While many still remain sceptical about the health benefits of drinking plain hydrogen, the benefits of VWA’s water ionizers and generators are well-supported by over 700 scientific papers written by scholars, medical professionals and academicians. Hydrogen water is an effective antioxidant which helps to counteract free radicals that damage your body cells. By reducing oxidative stress on your cells, you can improve metabolism and the overall well-being of your body.

At VWA, we are now introducing an all-in-one portable hydrogen water generator, maker and bottle in Malaysia. Our devices are the smallest, lightest, strongest and smartest portable hydrogen water generator that you can get on the market. Regardless if you are at the office or working out at the gym, our portable hydrogen generator makes sure that healthy alive water is always easily available at your convenience. Working perfectly with any form of bottled water, we use modern technology to convert it into stable, rich and safe hydrogen water above 1,000,000 ppt.

Compared to conventional water ionizers, we offer a light and portable version that will transform conventional dead and sick water into healthy hydrogen water no matter where you go. Equipped with 9 layers of platinum plates, it is controlled by an artificial intelligence for the best electrolysis efficiency. With our own patented separation technology, our smart cap device produces zero ozone emissions or any other toxic by-products. This helps to make sure that dissolved molecular hydrogen can be retained significantly longer in the water for maximum health and beauty benefits. Regardless of where you go, simply pop on our portable hydrogen water generators and turn any ordinary bottled water into healthy living water.

As one of the leading experts of water ionizers in Malaysia, we understand that carrying a bulky water ionizer is not possible. This is why with us, you can now get an all-in-one portable hydrogen water generator, maker and bottle in Malaysia.

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