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Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Malaysia

Alkaline water is water with a pH level of more than 7 – with 7 being neutral. Drinking alkaline water is recommended by the American Anti-Cancer Institution (AACI) as it contains several unique properties that help to combat cancer. An alkaline pH level, restructured molecular cluster and powerful anti-oxidative properties make alkaline water ideal for fighting diseases and ailments. This is why alkaline water ionizer machines in Malaysia are now highly sought after as more people are beginning to realize the health benefits that drinking alkaline water brings.

For years, VWA (M) Sdn Bhd has been supplying some of the best antioxidant and alive water ionizers in Malaysia. Here, we believe that healthy living starts with the basics. Water makes up about 60-70% of your body and this is why drinking healthy alive water is crucial to maintaining good health and prevent ailments. The most prominent benefit of alkaline water is its unrivalled anti-oxidative properties. Our water ionizers produce water with high negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) values which measure the potency of anti-oxidants. Our alkaline water helps to combat free radicals that are damaging to body cells. Our water ionizers also infuse water with unique resonance energy to create 57 Hz micro molecular clusters for instant cellular hydration.

Most alkaline water ionizer machines in Malaysia are still using old fashioned technology. They often use solid plate technology with a non-adjustable power supply which requires chemical cleaning and enhancers. VWA’s water ionizers are recognized as a medical device by the Korean FDA. Our water ionizers all use the latest and modern hybrid solid/mesh ionization technology. This gives our water ionizers the largest electrical conductivity area to produce alkaline water with the highest ORP values while being free from any harmful chemicals.

Beautifully designed, our water ionizers are the perfect complement for any modern household. We have a variety of models available for selection and each of them is capable of producing healthy alkaline water. For the best antioxidant and alive water ionizers in Malaysia, look no further than VWA. Our Cellular Functional Water is rated as the top water ionizer in three major surveys across the US.

For more information about our water ionizers, contact us today for a free demonstration.

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