VWA Recode Embryotic Stem Cell Alginate Carrie Mask

Embroytic Stem Cell Treatment

Embryonic stem cell treatment has always been associated with its miraculous healing properties. These are unique cell types that are derived from an early stage of development. Stem cells are easily distinguished by their ability to differentiate into many types of specialized cells and also their outstanding ability to propagate. This is important as the ability to differentiate and assimilate into different tissue means that they are the perfect healing factor. Currently, this reason is exactly why embryonic stem cell treatment is widely used to promote better healing in the medical field.

With the VWA® Recode Embryonic Stem Cell 3D Alginate Carrier Mask, we are now introducing a new and revolutionary beauty mask in Malaysia. With over 10 years put into research and development, the mask is now patented in 2o countries around the world. Taking the beauty industry by storm, it is the only medical beauty mask that regenerates cells at the dermis layer. This deep regeneration and rejuvenation mean that it is the best beauty mask in Malaysia that you can get right now.

By using natural alginate carrier membranes, the mask provides 1360 calcium ions and enables the delivery of 23 types of Amabilis embryo stem cells and hyaluronic acid into the dermis layer. This will promote better cell regeneration in 24 hours while lowering skin temperature by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. Not to mention, the unique moisturizing properties of the mask is able to boost skin hydration by an incredible 133%!

The VWA® Recode Embryonic Stem Cell 3D Alginate Carrier Mask is also made with 100% natural and safe ingredients. The mask is free from any harmful chemicals and substances such as paraben, fragrance, oestrogen or preservatives. The mask comes with 23 embryonic stem cells for 15 times cellular regeneration power, 14 times antioxidant properties and 13 times cell repair capabilities compared to ant conventional beauty mask in Malaysia.

At VWA, we believe in using the best natural solutions in our products. Our masks will be able to give: • Fairer skin in 1 week • Moisture last for 2 weeks • Wrinkles improve in 1 week • Cellular regeneration in 24 hours

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