Is Hydrogen-Rich Water A Miracle Cure?

Is H2 Water A Miracle Cure

What is hydrogen-rich water? Hydrogen water is simply water that contains hydrogen molecules. Normal drinking water has 0 available hydrogen molecules to act as antioxidants but hydrogen-rich water means drinking water infused with dissolved molecular hydrogen to act as antioxidants, to scavenge damaging free radicals, to protect and repair our cells and DNA.

The smallest unit of the human body is the cell, then the tissues, the organs, the systems and the human body. As long as we are breathing, oxidation takes place. However, too high levels of oxidative stress from our emotional stress, lack of rest, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet habits, environment pollutions, drugs and chemicals. Excessive oxidative stress simply means too much of unstable ROS/ free radicals that will destroy our cells and genes and eventually evolves into more than 200 different names of chronic diseases. Forget about the name of the diseases, they are came from a single root cause – poor cellular health ! That is why we can’t cure any disease with drug or medication. Indeed, drugs can further poison our health. For example, those who have taking medicine for high cholesterol will normally suffer from high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglycerides. Gradually, his/her liver, kidney, digestive system, brain and other organs are affected. So, don’t treat a sick fish with just medicine, before anything else, change the contaminated water in the fish tank. Likewise, same for the mankind.

This is apparent that our cellular health is directly linked to our overall health. However, the wellness of the cells is determined by the fluid surrounding the cells; herein we called it “biological terrain”, your inner sea. Therefore, the fluid that bathe your cells has a profound implication on the cellular health. Nobel prize winner Dr Alexis Carrel kept a chicken heart alive in vitro for 34 years until the experiment was terminated. He concluded that the wellness of the cells is determine by the fluid that bathe the cells. Renew the fluid, renew the cells. Good water is the best natural medicine and in reverse, bad water is the hidden poison!

Unfortunately most of our drinking water can barely support our cellular activities and once our biological terrain is polluted with too much acidic wastes, the environment is conducive for the development of chronic diseases and prone to be infected by infectious diseases, visit

Every household needed a unit of water filter or water purifier to purify the tap water before drinking. This is a fundamental need for every household. However, drinking merely purified water or filtered water, without any available molecule hydrogen or without any antioxidant properties can barely support the cellular health! Sadly to say, virtually all drinking water are proton-saturated oxidizer themselves in which they accelerate premature-aging and increases oxidative stress. Besides, ¾ of the population in the civilized nation are found to be chronically dehydrated. This is because their drinking water has too large the water cluster size and out of hexagonal shape to enter into our cells. Overtime, it can disturb all metabolic processes and affecting our cellular health. It is evitable that drinking merely clean filtered water or purified water is not good enough to support good health. Indeed, our cellular health needs hydrogen-rich water which can exert high antioxidant properties to slow down aging and reduce oxidation!

For vibrant health and vitality, the drinking water should be negatively-charged, with negative Oxidation Reduction Potential or with dissolved hydrogen, ideally above 1600ppb. The bigger the number of negative ORP or the number of dissolved hydrogen simply means better in terms of antioxidant capabilities yorleny’s cleaning service. This type of health-enhancing functional water act as a powerful antioxidant to neutralize disease-causing unstable free radicals. Molecular hydrogen is 88 times smaller than vitamin C, it’s the only antioxidant that is able to cross the blood-brain-barrier effectively, significantly reduce oxidative stress, anti-aging, anti-inflammation and thus can prevent and reverse all kinds of degenerative and infectious diseases ! Good water with smaller micro-cluster size and hexagonally-structure is far more hydrating than any water on earth. The longevity water is with 70-80Hz of their mirco-cluster sizes but the one more bio-identical to the living system is the 57hZ living water.

In summary, when your cells are hydrated with abundant of antioxidant. It will promote healthier cellular metabolism and overall wellness. You are not just what you drink, you are what you can absorb at the cellular levels! Healthy cells transform a healthy body!