How To Ward Off Viruses Effectively & Naturally

How To Ward Off Viruses Effectively & Naturally

Antibiotics do not kill viruses! Taking antibiotics when you have a virus may do more harm than good. Taking antibiotics when they are not needed increases your risk of getting an infection later that may resist antibiotics. Doctors already know that misusing antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance, which can make it difficult to fight bacterial infections, such as pneumonia. Now, a study in mice suggests that antibiotic use could also make the lungs more vulnerable to viral infections, such as the flu. The mortality rate is alarmingly high when people are infected. The flu remains a higher threat to U.S. public health than the new coronavirus. From September 2007 until February 2020, influenza flu has infected at least 19 million across the U.S. and led to 10,000 deaths and 180,000 hospitalizations. And even if you do use anti-viral medicine… you probably end up more beaten down by the side effects….

What can ? Scientists have now found a way to stop viruses in their tracks by boosting your own body’s natural virus killers…

Studies suggest molecular hydrogen (h2) will help you get over a virus… and research even shows that H2 can also fight chronic disease over the long term. Molecular hydrogen (h2) works in 3 major areas to STOP the viruses:

1. Hydrogen selectively neutralize damaging free radicals

Free radicals are essential in our body as it destroys microbes, clean up wounds. It acts as a sterilizer to clean up the wounds so that it can heal itself naturally. However, high levels of oxidative stress creates too much of the free radicals that constantly make too much of injuries, destroy our cells, causing chronic diseases and illnesses and chronic infection. Chronic infection is self-destructive and causes immune disorder and the onset of the different name of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, heart diseases, diabetes, eczema, gastritis and many others.

The good news is by drinking hydrogen-rich water, at least with 1000ppB dissolved hydrogen and above. These tiny molecules are incredibly small; they are 88 times smaller than vitamin C and thus able to cross the blood-brain-barrier. The molecular hydrogen can selectively and only be targeting to remove the bad guys and remain the good guys to do the job. After scavenging the damaging ROS/free radicals, the by-product is just water that will be eliminated naturally by the body itself. Visit learn academy. Interestingly, hydrogen is not a foreign substance, it is present in your healthy gut but sadly, we all do not have enough hydrogen to ward off pathogens & viruses daily. There is why the supplementation of hydrogen is vital. Besides, enough hydration is essential for good health. There was publicity on the recovery of coronavirus patient where he drank 25L of water daily. If the drinking water is infused with hydrogen/ antioxidant properties, the result could have been better and the amount of water could be lesser. Not all people can drink that tremendous amount of water every day. Visit Olentangy Maids.

2. Hydrogen boosts your own immune system to stop viruses

The the best doctor in the world is your immune system. It can do wonders and it works non-stop by 24/7. The white blood cells, T-Cells, CD4, and other immune cells are fighting off pathogens and viruses. According to Xu Fong, a researcher at Nagoya University, “hydrogen-rich saline increased the expression of Foxp3, IL-10, TGF-β, and several CD4+CD25+Foxp3+Treg cells which were reduced in allergic rhinitis.” “Besides, CD4 T-cells were found to be the protective correlate and are direct effectors in protection against influenza suggesting their key role in protective immunity.” Simply put, hydrogen boost our immune system to fight off the viruses before they start to replicate!

3. Hydrogen stops the spread of viruses

Viruses are dangerous because they can replicate. If one catches the virus, the symptoms start small and then worse and worse later. Treatment with hydrogen infused water can help the liver to suppress viral replication. Due to the high potency of antioxidant properties, h2 works to prevent cells from the oxidative damages, boosting the immune cells to function at the optimum levels and stopping the spread and replication of the viruses.

In conclusion, our immune system is the best virus defender and fighter. It can only perform best when it’s given the right environment. In this contact, our biological terrain plays a very important role to support a robust immune system. Molecular hydrogen h2 is the smallest yet the strongest antioxidant known to science. It is natural and non-toxic. Therefore, supplementation of hydrogen-rich water is scientifically proven to support a good immune system, to prevent infectious and degenerative diseases!