How To Choose The Best Water Filter In Malaysia?

the best water filter in malaysia

Every household will require a water filter to purify and filter contaminants from the tap water. A water filter is a necessity in Malaysia. However, drinking just filtered water may not be able to support good health. This is because ordinary water filter does only the basic purification and filtration job without any antioxidant properties. If you are health-conscious or care for the health of your family, you need beyond just a water filter. VWA Cellular Functional Water System is approved as a medical device by Korea FDA, crowned as World’s No.1 water ionizer for 10 years and beyond. It acts beyond just a water filter, it turns the tap water into richest hydrogen water; offering the strongest antioxidant properties to combat premature aging, prevent and reverse all kinds of degenerative diseases, take a look here. You are what you drink. To be even more precise, you are what your cells can absorb. Virtually every water filter company in Malaysia provide different types of filtration and purification methods such as multi-stage purification, reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet and others. Not only the filtered water has NO antioxidant properties, the micro-cluster size is too large and hence difficult to hydrate our cells, overtime it will cause chronic dehydration and eventually the onset of all chronic diseases need a water damage restoration riverside. 57hz VWA living water offers the smallest micro-cluster size that provides instant cellular hydration; coupled with the strongest antioxidant properties, it will nourish your cells from inside out.