How To Choose A Good Water Filter

How To Choose A Good Water Filter

Is Purified Water Or Filtered Water Good For Health ?

There are so many brands of water filters or water purifiers available in the market. R.O. water, mineral water, alkaline water, hydrogen water, hexagonal water, living water, antioxidant water, energy water, restructured water, and many names. So many brands out there confusing the consumers.

Some says their water filters are more superior than the others, some are saying pure water is better and some say mineral water is better. Are they the same? Well, yes. All water filters serve as filtration or purification systems to provide us cleaner and safer drinking water than the tap. But they may not be good for health!

Pure Water Or Mineral Water, Which Is Better ?

If given a choice to choose between pure water or mineral water, then mineral water is better as our body fluid is electrolytes. That is why our tears and sweat are ‘salty’. Our blood tastes “iron’. For example, during an emergency where IV (intravenous) is introduced for patients in the hospital, it is 0.9% sodium chloride, NOT pure water. Because ells are electrolytic membranes and our blood is electrolytes. If a healthy cell is put into pure water, the cell will swell & burst. If it is put in a high concentration of salt water, the cell will shrink and shrivel. Healthy body’s fluid needs ‘isotonic” water, the balanced concentration of ions inside & outside the cell membrane! Often, it is called as electrolyzed water.

Is Your Drinking Water “Healing” OR “Harming” ?

Our choice of drinking water is a profound implication on our health. Drinking merely clean and safe water is not adequate to support good health. As you may observe, despite the availability of various water filters in the market, the onset of chronic diseases is increasing at an alarming rate! Virtually every household has people who suffer from arthritis, bronchitis, cancer, dermatitis, diabetes, high cholesterol, high uric acid, constipation, migraine, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, and many diseases. Good drinking water can be the best natural medicine whereas, bad drinking water can be the hidden poison. How to differentiate if it is good or bad? The answer is whether the water has any health-enhancing properties- Antioxidants!

Ordinary filtered water has ZERO dissolved hydrogen; meaning to say it has no available or free molecular hydrogen to scavenge the disease-causing free radicals. It is inevitable that high levels of oxidative stress create too much of free radicals, these unstable free radicals are damaging our cells and DNA and eventually causes all kinds of diseases. Normal filtered water indeed is an oxidizer, they increase oxidative stress. They are positively-charged (+ORP) and have 0 hydrogens. Only hydrogen water machine or water ionizer can infuse drinking water with dissolved hydrogen.

However, not all water ionizer is created equally. First and foremost, choose one that is certified by health authority as a medical and health device. Drop those that are OEM manufactured without certification. Secondly, the most important properties are the concentration of dissolved hydrogen; which can be measured by a DH meter. Water ionizer has evolved for more than half a century. Many of the water ionizers in the market still adopt the very old fashion ionization technology. Latest technological improvements discovered types of stains and how to remove them. One expensive Japanese brand which is market through MLM need to use a bleach-containing electrolysis enhancer to boost its performance. Find the best air conditioning servicing here. So far, the best water ionizer in the market produces 1600ppb dissolved hydrogen and certainly, without the need to use additives or booster. It comes from the most state-of-the-art technology!

Chronic Dehydration Is Another Cause For Chronic Diseases

¾ of the civilized populations are chronically dehydrated. In layman language, their drinking water is “out of size” and “out of shape” and hence, they cannot support the cellular metabolism effectively. Good hydrogen-rich water has a molecular size & weight lower than 100hz and the best is around 60hz, most bio-identical to the living system for instant cellular hydration. There is a special resonance characteristic from specific filter media to energize and restore dead water into living water. Total-microorganism Pi-ceramic has this distinctive feature of transforming the tap water into living water for high bio-availability. Simply put, you are not just what you drink, you are what you can absorb at cellular levels!

Last but not least, the product reputation and after-sales services are important factors to consider before buying a water ionizer or hydrogen water machine. VWA- being the reputable hydrogen water leader in Malaysia has had the most media testimonies publicities. Over the past 13 years, the VWA brand had appeared twice in the press headlines on two impressive cancer testimonies; and countless of other testimonies. This healing water has had helped countless families to regain their health. VWA hydrogen water machine provides a 10-year platinum plates’ warranty, 1-million ringgit product liability, and impeccable after-sales service. This water machine offers not just the highest antioxidants but also 57hZ living water for instant cellular hydration! Besides, 1 water machine to produce 8 types of functional water; strong alkaline water to remove herbicides and pesticides from vegetables and fruits. Strong acidic water for antiseptic, disinfectant & sterilization. These super functional water can be made 100% chemical-free!