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Alkaline Ionized Water Machine In Malaysia

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VWA® alkaline water ionizer is registered as a medical device by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). Crowned as the World’s No. 1 Water Ionizer in USA for 10 years and beyond; using the most state-of-the-art technology. It is also the best alkaline ionized water machine in Malaysia. VWA® Water Ionizer transform tap water into strongest antioxidant elixir on earth; highest in both –ORPmV (-ORP988mV) and dissolved hydrogen concentration(1600ppb). Molecular hydrogen (h2) is clinically proven as the most powerful antioxidant to combat premature aging, prevent and reverse over 200 kinds of human diseases.

VWA® alkaline water filter is equipped with 0.1 micron UF membrane for superb purification. The water filter is made by proprietary Total-Microorganism Pi ceramic in which it has a unique resonance energy to energize and restore dead water into 57 hertz living water for instant cellular hydration. Having the smallest water molecular cluster size, this makes VWA the best alkaline ionized water machine in Malaysia.

Over the past decade, countless of media publicities testified on how this miraculous antioxidant water bring positive health transformation to mankind. Regardless of the name, alkaline water, ionized water, electrolyzed reduced water or hydrogen water, it is the dissolved hydrogen (h2) concentration in the water that deliver the remarkable health and beauty efficacy. Many are now looking for the best alkaline hydrogen water machine in Malaysia. Hydrogen water, the strongest antioxidant known to science. Due to its’ tiniest size, h2 is able to cross blood-brain-barrier, repair cells and DNA, significantly reduce toxic ROS, reduce inflammation, prevent cell mutation, anti-aging and to promote excellent health and beauty benefits!

At home, simply touch screen to collect any of the 8 types of functional water, 100% chemical-free. VWA® alkaline water filter can produce pH1.8-12 without any electrolysis enhancer! VWA® water filter is the leading brand of alkaline machine in Asia whilst it is known as Tyent in USA/Europe.

If you are constantly on the move, bring along the best portable hydrogen water generator! The best alkaline hydrogen water machine in Malaysia is now available in a handy portable form factor! VWA®H2Cap smartly convert any drinking water into rich, stable, safe and long-lasting hydrogen water (>1000ppb) anytime & anywhere! VWA®H2Cap is the only portable hydrogen water maker that is equipped with 9 layers’ platinum and artificial intelligence!

VWA® Recode Embryonic Stem Cell 3D Alginate Carrier Mask – “Reveal Your True Skin Beautifully”! Using the natural alginate carrier membrane to provide 1360 calcium ions, thus enable the delivery of 23 types of Amabilis embryo stem cells and hyaluronic acid into the dermis layer, promote cell regeneration in 24 hour , lower skin temperature by 6-8◦©, repair and regenerate dermis cells by 15 times and boost skin hydration by 133%. No other beauty mask can repair and regenerate your dermis cells like VWA® Recode medical beauty mask !

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by 3 major independent research companies in USA. Based on 1000 hours vigorous research conducted on 22 parameters.

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