Relieved arthritis, body aching and improved sleep quality


Regulated low blood sugar and alleviated severe and chronic backache. Radiance in skin was also observed


Significant improvements from backache, cough discharge of white secretions and insomnia brought about by drinking unboiled water


Carrying a backache for over 20 years with uncontrollable urination. Wife suffered from numbness on limbs and severe constipation. Significant improvements in all symptoms after 3 months



Reduced hair loss and baldness which started over 10 years ago. Cleared up mouth ulcer and reduces body ‘heatiness’.


Due to the incurable sore throat 4 years ago, she was diagnosed with Stage III nasal cancer at a later stage.  She experienced severe hair loss after chemotherapy and hence had lower self-esteem.  After drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water®, she experienced speedy recovery and no longer suffered from the side effect of chemotherapy.  She has her hair restored with full density and regained her confidence level.



A widow with 5 young children was diagnosed with 3rd stage ovarian and lymphatic cancer   6 years ago.  At that time, she had no other alternative but to allow the adoption of her children.    This miserable true story was described in a popular old drama series entitled “Only The Star Knows”.   Later, she was donated a unit of VWA® Cellular Functional Water®. After drinking for 3 months, it was confirmed by CT scan that her 5 tumors had miraculously vanished.  This news was published in a press headline.  Now, she is grateful that she is able to live healthily with all her children.


She has a history of cancer in her family for 4 generations where cancer claimed the lives of her grandfather, father and son.  Her 10 year-old second son sadly lost his life to liver cancer.  Six months after the traumatic event, she was also diagnosed with stage 4 nose cancer and a ping pong size tumor had metastasis to her brain.  With the financial help of a press foundation, she was also given a unit of VWA® machine.  After drinking the water for 6 months, it was confirmed by PET scan that the tumor was gone.


Complete reversal of severe eczema and skin inflammation that was brought about by the use of steroid after amputation of her limb caused by bone cancer.


Regulated bowel movement after colon cancer surgery. Cleared up bubbles from urine.


As recommended by a medical doctor to drink alkaline ionized water, he had chosen VWA® water.  After drinking, he noticed remarkable improvement on his prostate cancer.  He travels regularly together with VWA® machine within Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom and Malaysia.


In the filming industry for 25 years, she looks younger than her actual age.  However, she was stricken by breast cancer.  After recovery, she became very health conscious. She is satisfied with the efficacy brought by VWA® water due to its’ high antioxidant properties.  She uses the water for cooking, brewing tea and drinking; conveniently by just a touch of the screen.


Six years ago she was diagnosed with early stage nasal cancer. Through changes made in diet including switching of her drinking water to VWA® Cellular Functional Water® System, she regain her health within 2 years.  In addition, she was able to deliver a daughter who is 12 years apart from her eldest son. She also noticed that her family members are healthier with less heatiness symptom.


In February 2012, he was diagnosed with end stage nasal cancer. This disease caught him by surprise and shocked him but fortunately he did not give up on any remedy plan.  During the cancer treatment period, he had a very dry, sore and a festering throat that did not permit swallowing.  He used the strong acidic water generated by VWA® System for gargle and drank plenty of VWA® Cellular Functional Water® for hydration.  This is another amazing and successful cancer battle story!



Suffered from diabetes for over 10 years with 7 open wounds.  After drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water for 3 months, blood sugar levels became normal and wounds healed after 3 months.


Hypertension, enlarged prostate and frequent urination symptoms were relieved within 2 months.


Reversed the symptoms of a 10 condition, a mild stroke, eczema and poor vision


Reduced and normalized high cholesterol level, high blood sugar level and high blood pressure.


Diagnosed with kidney disorder and osteoporosis at the age of 60, she decided to pursue knowledge and wisdom for self care. She started drinking and promoting VWA at age 65 and has been helping countless families in Singapore


A well-known figure in Klang- Dato’ Wong was introduced to VWA® Cellular Functional Water® by a friend.  He suffered from high urea problem and exceptionally high uric acid level before. After drinking VWA® water for 2 months, both his severe urea and uric acid condition was unexpectedly regulated.  Besides, his eldest son and second son who had very abnormal liver index also showed remarkable improvement.


Recommended by a hair stylist who suffered from colon cancer before.  Without much hesitation, he installed a unit of VWA® Cellular Functional Water® System by himself.  Initially, he boiled the water before drinking.  When the kettle broke down, he began to drink the water without boiling.  He was amazed to discover that the exceptionally high liver index and uric acid problems that troubled him for a long period of time were gone.


Dramatically improved arthritis pain that was caused by uric acid.  Pigmentation on face has also cleared.  Significant savings observed on expensive food supplements.


Shrunk a 6.6cm cyst and avoided surgery. Long term consumption of VWA® water showed improvement in constipation suffered by her son.



Significant improvements observed in symptoms such as hypertension, diabetes and degeneration of kidneys which were bought about by SLE disease.


Significant improvement observed in Cushing’s Syndrome caused by excessive intake of unregulated herbal preparation.  Now, he is full of vitality and the complexion looks radiant.



Her busy hawker business led her to chronic dehydration.   Dehydration made her more prone to body heat symptoms, severe bad breath & dry mouth.  Both her hands were sensitive with skin peeling and itch sensation after every washing job.  After drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water® and using the acidic water for hand-soaking, the allergic reactions subsided and she no longer suffers dry mouth and bad breath.


Cleared up skin allergies caused by radiotherapy.


Improved dry skin and cleared up skin allergy.


Relieved atomic dermatitis, arthritis and son’s kidney disorder.


Improved skin allergy and is less prone to body heat, it is really the fountain of health for my family!


Due to the surgery of thyroid cancer when she was a teenager, she was put on long-term medication that caused too much toxins to accumulate in the body.  As a result, she had ill-health. She had   asthma, backache, hives, itchy skin and also found a few tumors on her chest.  She came across an expensive water ionizer through a friend.  However, when she knew that the particular machine required the use of chemical cleaning and chemical enhancers, she dropped the idea to purchase. Through a thorough research via internet, she discovered VWA® Cellular Functional Water® System, crowned as world’s No.1 water ionizer by 3 major independent research companies in the USA.  Coupled with the 100% chemical-free feature, she decided to install a unit.  After drinking for a while, she was very delighted with the encouraging results as all her health problems were resolved.  As a psychologist, she is keen to recommend this perfect water machine to her patients and friends.


Cleared up freckles and pains brought about by arthritis.


Overcame her allergic reaction to seafood for many years.  Now she can indulge herself in delicious seafood.


He suffered from serious skin disease, often itchy and bleeding after scratching and sore eyes.  Skin specialist could not help but only advised him to avoid sweating.  After drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water®, all the symptoms disappeared.


She was grateful on the benefits of drinking the right kind of water for good health. After drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water®, she noticed remarkable improvement on chronic arthritis, joint pain and sensitive skin that she suffered before.


Long-term sun exposure has led him to suffer from severe dry and dehydrated skin.  He was allergic to eggs and shrimps.  3 months later, all these conditions improved and the health of his family also improved.


Busy balancing between family and work and a hectic lifestyle, she suffered from chronic dehydration and dry skin. 3 months later, her skin became radiant after drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water®.


Lip swelling, inflammation, insomnia and cirrhosis problems for many years improved by days after drinking VWA® water.


Able to say good bye to skin disorder that she had suffered for many years.  Free from any medication now.


Often sprays acidic water onto the skin, the skin looks radiant and refreshing, pores become less visible. Spends half an hour in the evening on foot bath with acidic water, foot blisters gradually improved, itch and pain were relieved.



Suffered from chronic gastric for nearly 6 years. Recurrent vomiting, nausea, bad breath & asthma tormented him. Tried many remedies including conventional and western treatments but showed no improvement.  He even refrained from taking any spicy and fried food and abstained from coffee. After drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water® for 3 months, he experienced dramatic improvement including a boost in energy.


Resolved symptoms of gastritis and chronic fatigue.


Relieved gastritis and daily morning vomiting


Improved bloating problem suffered for 20 years.


Improved severe conditions of digestive disorder, irregular bowel movement, pigmentation and bad breath.


Suffered from chronic gastritis for half a century.  Her condition forced her to give up savory spicy food.  When gastritis attack, she suffered extreme discomfort.   She spent about one thousand ringgit on her monthly medication.   As she had planned a trip to Thailand, she prepared many medicines and at the same time, brought with her 5 bags of VWA ® Cheer Pack.  In her journey, she found that her stomach pain miraculously healed.  She was able to enjoy the long-awaited hot and sour dishes without the help of any medicines. After returning home, she immediately installed a unit of VWA® water machine.  She love to share the goodness of this amazing water with all her friends.



Resolved constipation, digestive disorder and dry skin.


Overcame chronic hemorrhoid, headache and spasms after suffering for over years.


Improvement seen after prolonged period of chronic fatigue, low energy and constipation and accumulation of excessive toxins in the body.  She no longer suffers from frequent oral ulcers, hand numbness, joint pain, & high cholesterol after switching to VWA® water.


Due to his hectic lifestyle, he had insomnia for six months.  After drinking VWA® water for merely a few days, his sleep quality improved.  Besides, his immunity has been strengthened as he seldom had coughs, colds and other health problems.


Significant improvement observed in severe insomnia and chronic constipation caused by emotional stress due to the death of her son in an accident. She can only defecate twice a month. These conditions affected her badly.  After drinking VWA® water, her severe insomnia and constipation problems were alleviated.  Her dark eye circles and skin condition also improved dramatically.


Improved wife’s gastritis. Improved sleep quality and boosted energy levels.



Significant improvement in body aches and chronic lethargy caused by acidosis.


Reduced body ‘heatiness’ and reduced symptoms of headaches and sore throat.


Relieved chronic fatigue and improved skin radiance.


Resolved symptoms of untreatable chronic migraine of over 10 years.  Regulated menstruation.


Due to two miscarriages she tried many remedies within a few years but still failed to conceive.  She felt helpless and miserable.  Her parents- in- law purchased a unit of VWA® Cellular Functional Water® System to improve their arthritis.  To her surprise, after drinking the water for 2 months, she became pregnant.  Her husband had an accident and after drinking water which has not been boiled, his leg became very painful.  This problem did not arise after he started drinking VWA® water, no boiling needed anymore and he is pain free.


Cardiologist DR NANJIT came across different brands of water ionizer before.  After thorough research and understand that VWA® water machine can produce the highest negative ORP value, immediately he installed a unit at his medical centre.  After drinking for 3 months, the chronic dehydration problem improved. Not only does he no longer feel fatigue but he has better vitality and radiant skin appearance. He also strongly recommended this water machine to his siblings who are also medical doctors.  He paid a good compliment to the product quality as well as the after sales services provided by the company.


The health of the family is her 1st priority.  Hence, installing a unit of VWA® System is the best health solution for the entire family. It is best value for money!


Significant improvement seen on the incurable chronic cough of her son.  Entire family enjoys good health with VWA® water.


She started drinking VWA® Cellular Functional Water® during her second pregnancy. After the delivery of her daughter, she has abundance of breast milk. Besides, her regular headaches problem also improved and she enjoyed good vitality.  Her husband who has sore throat problem for more than a decade also experienced significant improvement.  Now, he can enjoy his favorite durian without much worries.